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Stretch Our Arms And Embrace the World


For the past 15 years, Yucai have been serving the domestic market with our plastic colored printing products, but the name and the products can not be closed in doors. Known by the worldwide, the customer from outside the country come,visit and make orders, we cannot help to build up our own foreign trade team and started to embrace the customer from across the world. Now, our strengthened foreign trade team becomes a strong reinforcement to the company, we have to shift our business to the world, instead of in closure of domestic arenas.

Sincerity is our philosophy to win the market. In this field, we still have a long way to go, and this is the main reason for us the keep our sincerity to serve our customer. To satisfy client with quality products and competitive price, we will win a peaceful world.  

We, Yucai Color Printing, are very grateful for the appreciation given by our dearest customer form all of the world, because most of you are not only the customer, sometime you also become our messenger or the sales consultant to deliver the good news to your friend or business partner, and make them our client as well. We are thankful for your support. I am confident that we will continuously offer you our best service to bring more convenience into your daily living.