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Know More about Stand Up Bags


According to a recent report by the American film consulting company (PCI),Self-supporting bag or Stand up bags (Doypack) are growing rapidly in the plastic packaging market.This type of packaging is widely used in the world, with a total demand of up to 700 billion.

Self-supporting bag is a relatively new form of packing, which has advantages in improving the product grade, enhancing the visual effect of the shelves, light and convenient to carry, keeping content fresh and sealing. Self-stand bag, by PET/foil/PET/PE laminated structure, also can have 2, 3 layer material and other specifications according to the packing of different products and decide, increase the oxygen insulation layer, reduce oxygen transmission rate, and prolong the shelf-life of the product.

According to PCI, Europe and North America accounted for more than 50 per cent of the 700 billion demand, and the annual growth rate of 17 to 28 per cent.

According to the report, the growth of many factors drives the self-supporting bag market, including the mechanical speed and integration ability improvement, block the improvement of the performance of the film. Storage cost of stand up bag is low, light and easy to open, convenient for the consumer and also extremely attractive for retail.PCI says the growth rate of the us self-sustaining bag market is remarkable, rising 60 per cent over the past five years.At the same time.Self-reliance bags now account for about 40 per cent of soft packaging sales in Europe. The report adds that, as packaging companies replace old machines, self-reliance bags will become an important form of packaging instead of hard plastic packaging.

So far, the self-supporting bag can be divided into five types: ordinary Self-supporting bag, Self-supporting bag with suction nozzle, Self-supporting bag with zipper, Self-supporting Nozzle Imitation bag and Unique Self-supporting bag. According to a recent report by the American film consulting company (PCI), self-reliance bags are growing rapidly in the plastic packaging market. These are the prevailing bags standing and leading the market firmly nowadays.