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Yucai custom cosmetic packaging manufacturer for commercial

Yucai custom cosmetic packaging manufacturer for commercial

Yucai custom cosmetic packaging manufacturer for commercial

Place of Origin:
Guangzhou, China
Sealing Type
Heat Seal
Up to 10 colors as per your requirement
Surface Handling
Matte or Glossy
Gravure Printing
Food Grade
OEM Service
SGS, FDA(US), ASTM ,EEC(EU) ,QS, ISO9001:2015
Roll or Pouch/Bag
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Quantity Needed:

For cosmetic packaging, our main product is Mask packaging bag, including facial mask, eye pads, hand mask and so on. With the increasing demand for facial mask, and now many manufacturers in order to further increase the mask storage time, facilitate the transportation and sale of goods, aluminum foil facial mask packaging bag to become the best choice.

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Importance Of Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging for cosmetic, health and beauty products are highly specialized to meet the needs of product protection, consumer functionality and brand positioning.Package design, both structural and graphic, plays a significant role in cosmetic packaging, with brand image tightly aligned with the package’s look and feel. Attractive, eye-catching package designs are therefore the norm.

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Details Of Cosmetic Packaging

Product Name:

Facial Mask Packaging Bag, Eye Pads Packaging Bags, Hand Mask Packaging Bag, Cosmetic Packaging

Key Words:

Laminated Packaging Film

Our Products:

Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag Facial Mask Packaging, Mask Packaging Bag,  Skincare Packaging Bags, Cosmetics Facial Mask Bags, Aluminum Foil Facial Mask Packaging Bag,  Aluminum Foil Facial Mask Bags, Aluminum Foil Facial Mask Bags Matte Facial Masks Packaging Bag, Facial Masks Bags

We can supply:

Three Side Seal Aluminium Foil Plastic Packaging Cosmetic Mask Bag,  Flexible Pouches for Face Mask Packaging,  Laminated Material Matte Surface Aluminum Foil Cosmetic Facial Mask Bag, Facial Masks Packing Flat Bag Waterproof Aluminum Foil Bag

Packaging Solutions:

3-side seal bag with sharp corner
     3-side seal bag with round corner
     3-side seal bag with 2 chamber system and clip
     Shaped bags
     Mask bag with 2 chamber system with clip
     Facial Mask bags with spout
     Eye pads bags

Common Thickness

80 or 100 microns


Plastic Film, Food Grade Plastic Film, Laminated Plastic Film, Plastic Packaging Material, such as OPP/VMPET/PE, BOPP/AL/PE, PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, PA/PE, PET/VMPET/PE and so on.

Material Remarks:

The surface layer is used as printing film. With the mid AL layer , the moiture of the mask is kept from being oxidized and the shelf life of the mask is maintained. The inner layer is used for hot seal.

Functional Options:

Hang hole, hole pouch, laser scoring, valve, re-sealable zipper, tear notch, slider, spout…


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FOB/EXW Guangzhou/Shenzhen or CNF


Within 20 Workdays SAMPLE:  Free of Charge


PE film/bag inside, standard export carton box, pallet for option


T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C

Trade Terms:

EXW, FOB Guangzhou. Shenzhen, CIF,Door to door.

Feature of Cosmetic Packaging

Round Corners - Removal of sharpedges, give better consumer usability

Custom Shapes - Various custom shapes available

Strong Sealing - To prevent leakage and moisture

Vivid Printing - Improves brand image and attract customers

Tear Notch - easily open

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Easy to store

Yucai custom cosmetic packaging manufacturer for commercial-8

Ability to reseal

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Easy to open

Suggestions For Cosmetic Packaging

Aluminum foil material stability is good, not easy to react with the composition of the film, so the aluminum foil bag is the best choice. Aluminum foil facial mask packaging bag will not be affected by the temperature and humidity around, you can guarantee a certain period of time more secure mask.

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Product Flow

  • 1. Tell us your detailed requirements: thickness, material structure, bag size or film size, bag type, surface finishing, color, quantity, target price

  • 2. We quote you accordingly and get your confirmation

  • 3. You pay the plate cost and We make the samples

  • 4. You receive the samples and confirm the order details

  • 5.Contract signed by each other

  • 6. We receive your 30% desposit and start the production

  • 7. Checking Material, Printing, Lamination, Slitting, Bag Making, Lab Inspection, Packing, Shipment, Delivery, After Sales Service

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I got this product on the recommendation of a friend. It comes with a spatula that you can use to scoop the product out. When I put this on, my face does itch a little, but I don't worry my skin is about to peel off. I find the best way to get this off is hot water and just a bit of elbow grease, and I like how my skin feels afterward. This would be great for a night with friends if you just want to try something fun. Personally, I may search for a charcoal mask that doesn't make my face itch. As long as one uses common sense such as rinsing this mask off if it feels horrendous or perhaps just testing it on a small patch of skin if you're unsure, this is nice to play with.
This stuff is AWESOME!! This is my third time I have ordered it. I do a lot of face mask but this one is the one I pull out when I need a good pore clean. Make sure to rub it in after it has foamed up, right before you rinse it off. It makes you squeaky clean!!
Okay! This was so much fun and my face never felt cleaner! However, if you suffer from drier skin (like I do) I would just recommend an extra hydrating moisturizer afterwards.
This mask was so much fun to use! It made me look like a gargoyle when it was fully expanded. It took a bit more effort to remove than I expected, but a wet cloth did the trick!
Came a little damaged on the side. The mask didn't puff up as much as I thought it would. It also itched. (Those issues were my fault for not researching) All in all, a decent product. Would buy again for the novelty.
Super cool to try!! I know it was a new trend I wanted to try and I'm satisfied !
I bought this a few years ago when I heard about it the first time. I'm buying it again because I loved it! It is so fun to put on. The mask gives me a nice tingling feeling and my skin feels so soft after washing it off. I did notice a difference in my skin when I used it. My pores seemed to look smaller and I had less blackheads. It comes with a spatula and a plastic seal to keep out air. If you aren't careful about sealing it up properly, the carbonation effect won't work. I learned that the hard way when I went to go put it on and it didn't bubble up the same as when I first got it. That was my fault though. All in all, it's a great product!
Interesting the way it bubbles on the face, didnt feel anything super different about the mask though.
Always a fun and functional mask to use.
I love it!
Easy to use nice quality
I bought this mask on a whim under the direction of my friends (that's what laughter and wine will do to you!). It comes with a little spatula to smear over you face (avoid the eye area) and an inner lid to recover the mask so that the oxygen doesn't make the stuff start bubbling in the container. Once on, it goes right to work, slowly puffing and expanding as it bubbles and cleans your face - and let me tell you, it feels flipping weird! It tickles. But it works. 10 mins on then rinse with lukewarm water. Skin felt soft and had a good texture the next day. I'll keep using it, if I can keep form laughing every time I wear it.
Cool product- did seem to clear my pores a bit and has a nice scent. Applicator is nice as the product is a bit gooey and would be messy to get off your hands. The packaging is cute, only concern would be that the directions on the actual product are in Korean and I threw away the box. Giving 3 stars because when I opened the jar, some of the product had leaked out of the lid and dried around the rim. Would've expected a peel-off label or something for a cosmetic product.
I love this mask! I'm 24 and have 3 boys so relaxing is hard to come by, but this maske is awesome! It makes your skin supper soft and gentle enough so my 4 year old uses it with me ?
Fun to use.
Love the mask works great and the bubbly feeling is cool
It's interesting. Nothing is in English on the package so who knows what I'm actually putting on my face. It does infact bubble, but in return itches when doing so.
Makes me look like a cloud, it's super fun. I don't really know if it's actually detoxifying and all that, but it's really fun. You can hear it bubble up and stuff too.
This is one of my favorites. Not only is it fun to watch the bubbles get bigger and bigger but it actually works! My skin feels smooth and soft.
All the tingles!! Works great and makes my face so smooth. But it tickles!
love it
This product smells amazing and left my face feeling super soft. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
Arrived in perfect condition. I love this mask. A little really goes a long way. The bubbling action is fun and I notice that extractions are easier after doing this mask. It hasn't broken me out and leaves my skin subtle. I do it only twice a week.
Such a fun product. Have fun facials & it actually makes your skin soft. Everyone must try this product
It has a tingle sensation when you use it at first but cleans well and the spatula to Spread it withnis small but nice
Works pretty well. My face felt clean after. It does tickle a lot while it’s bubbling.
It’s was hards to put on your face and washing Is off. But it’s work great.
Love this product!! If you can get past the tickling feeling this product will leave your face feeling smooth and with less imperfections on your skin.
Love it.
My skin always feels fresh and clean after this great buy for sure last me 6 months.
Unlike other reviews, I did not have any issues with the packaging. It arrived packaged securely and the product was neatly contained. However, it itches like nobody's business and is pretty difficult to wash off. Bubbles and fizzes just like expected though. It was fun to try out but that is about all.
It works .. it bubbles up and you look crazy :) it’s not a splash & rinse mask; you will need a washcloth to get it off. Your skin will really be soft after.
my skin looked amazing after using this but it was kind of difficult to get off of my face after use!
Got it for my sister! She loved it
One thing I love about this mask is there is no burning. It tickles once you approach the 5 minute mark but it's not uncomfortable in any way. It's also great at sucking up dirt and oil and leaving your skin slightly tighter and refreshed. It smells good, feels good and was a good price. Would definitely recommend it but will probably start only using it once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day.
You can really feel the difference in your face after the mask. And it’s kinda a fun experience.
Use it once every few weeks, it’s so fun watching it bubble and foam up!
i love it. I can't remember where i bumped into an article about this. Bought it about 6 mos ago and use as a full face mask or just targeted spots. I even used on my 12yr old nephew who got a kick out of it. Its easy and a little goes a long way. It works. Its not just hype. Am ordering a couple more, one for a gift and another for myself.
This product is amazing. The jar is a bit smaller than I thought it would be but a little goes along way. The instructions are not in English but super easy to find online. Don't lose the little plastic tray that goes on the top of the jar and close it tight. Otherwise it will bubble right out of the jar. It feels like 1000 feathers tickling your face. And removal is quick and easy! My T zone is clear of all blackheads after just one use. Leaves your face feeling fresh and tight! And did I mention the fragrance?!?! Like something out of a high end dept store. I will be purchasing this again. I cannot recommend this product enough! I have absolutely no complaints about this product!
The process was fun and I’ll be honest, I purchased this more for the novelty of it. I read a lot of the reviews that spoke to the tingling from the carbonation, which I didn’t really think was as noticeable as others thought. This was a BEAST to get off. Don’t wear anything you don’t mind the possibility of staining and I recommend the use of a wash cloth for best removal. As other reviewers stated, your skin does feel soft but not any more so than your basic face mask. My daughter enjoys it and there is nothing harsh or drying in the mask.
Bought this for my girlfriend and so far, she loves it. She has very nice skin and takes really good care of it, so if she likes something, then it means it's good.
You can really feel it cleaning your face. Loved it!
Nothing impressive Just thought I’d give this a try
I've used this for probably close to a year now. Really nice product. Will leave your skin healthy and exfoliated (if you use an exfoliation pad, of course. I use a small loofah). Have not had a problem drying out my skin (though I put a bit of coconut oil on after using it) though I use it maybe 3-4 times a week and have sensitive skin. Some people say it gets "ruined" from the humidity in the shower, but I haven't noticed that. Shake your hands off, reach in and grab a teaspoon, and then close it up tight. I'm still on my first jar so if anyone says they use it up too quickly, well, they're using too much.
I LOVE this product. It is super easy to apply and it's texture is almost jelly-like to the touch. It is easy to apply but you have to move fast, it beigns to bubble quickly. it tingles on your face, in a good way. I was giggling the entire time because it tickled. I used warm water and a washcloth to wash off and it came off very easily, left my skin super soft and glowy. I highly reccomend this product!
I got this for my daughter for her birthday. We love it. It is so much fun to watch it bubble up on your face. It leaves your face feeling nice and clean.
I’ve gotten this product before and this one was different the packaging is right but the mask is not the same as the right one.
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