yes, there is a plastic bag at the bottom of the mariana trench

by:Yucai     2019-12-22
About 35,700 feet below the ocean, deep in the deepest ocean, there is a white plastic bag on the beach of the Mariana Trench.
Scientists have known the bag since May 1998, when a robot
The submarine found it while measuring the bottom of the trench.
But the latest one is about depth.
Marine plastic pollution gave this sad bag
Representative of the enlarged plastic pollution problem on earth --new life.
Researchers say it is still the deepest known piece of plastic on our planet.
The literal deepest depth of the trench is about 36,200 feet, and has not dropped further.
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Ocean images known as the deep sea debris database.
As can be expected, this pollution is no longer rare because of debris
Including visible parts of metal, rubber and plastic
The depth of discovery in the Pacific and North Atlantic is over 13,000 feet.
Of course, this is just a record of plastic pollution that can be seen.
Mariana expected that the Mariana Trench was also contaminated less significantly, including chemicals used to make plastic in shrimp --like creatures.
Plastic will not disappear, they simply break down into smaller pieces, Jennifer Lavers, a research scientist at the Institute for oceans and Antarctica at Jennifer State University, told Mashable earlier.
A lot of tiny plastic
Sixth, the width of human hair is found in the distant Arctic ice.
It is believed that pollution from the Pacific garbage belt has entered these remote polar regions.
Image: Aditya Irawan/NurPhoto is growing through Getty Image the patch, twice the size of Texas with high concentration of floating plastic contamination.
After 30 ships spent three years trawling in pollution circles, the researchers concluded that it was at least four times as plastic as scientists had previously thought.
Plastics themselves are not bad because they make the technology cheaper and lighter.
The problem is that plastic is usually used only once before it is discarded.
Just like the white bag at the bottom of the world.
Local governments no longer expect the public to voluntarily abandon their plastic consumption habits.
Plastic bags are banned at grocery stores across Hawaii and at large markets in Los Angeles.
But the problem is not just that.
Plastic bags in New York City, for example, are heavily polluted and garbage is often caught by trees, which makes many New Yorkers annoyed. (
There was a tree out of the writer\'s window dangling from the tree. )
New York Governor Andrew Como recently announced a law banning singles
The use of plastic bags will be an important step in limiting the pollution of marine plastic.
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