woolworths plastic bag ban starts today; here\'s what you need to know

by:Yucai     2019-12-25
Woolworth says goodbye to singles-
According to the new ban on retail giant stores, plastic bags are used.
From today on, shoppers have to bring it back
Or buy at retailers supermarkets, BWS, subways and gas stations.
Chief executive Brad Banducci said on Wednesday: \"This is a milestone day for us, not only a business, but also for our customers and communities to help support Australia\'s greener
\"We are proud to say that from now on, single
Never use plastic bags from our store.
Mr. Banducci acknowledged that it may take some time for shoppers to adapt to the ban.
\"Put the \'reusable bag\' at the top of the shopping list and have a couple sit in the car or leave a post --
\"The note on the fridge is some simple trick to remind you,\" he said . \".
Woolworths and Coles joined an action in last July to eliminate disposable plastic bags in Australia and set the deadline for their stores to stop providing plastic bags to shoppers as June 30, 2018.
More than 3 Woolies are provided.
Shoppers receive 2 billion plastic bags per year and then advance the deadline to June 20.
The green group welcomed the ban put forward by Coles and Woolworth.
Similar bans in Britain and Ireland have helped reduce the use of plastic bags by up to 85.
Woolworths and Coles also recently announced plans to cut the amount of plastic packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the needs of shoppers.
With the new plastic bag ban in effect, shoppers are urged to be patient with employees at Woolworth stores.
In line with the ban, the retail staff union SDA launched the \"do not pack retail staff\" campaign.
Gerard Dwyer, SDA national secretary, said the ban has been widely publicized and that customers need to put up with the pressure of their employees during the conversion period.
\"While we know that some customers may be frustrated with this change, there is no reason for abuse or violence against retail people,\" Mr Dwyer said . \".
\"Retail workers should not suffer the impact of any abuse just because they comply with the new rules.
National Plastic Bag movement\"
Founder Jon Di has some tips to help shoppers adjust.
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