woolworths offers free reusable bags to help customers adjust to bag ban

by:Yucai     2020-01-26
Woolworth said that as customers get used to the ban on single bags, it will distribute free reusable bags in the next 10 days
Use plastic bags.
Woolies stores in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia stop offering free singles
Plastic bags were used last week and reusable bags were provided
It usually costs 15 cents.
It will only apply in these states and before July 8.
\"Since we eliminated singles
Claire Peters, general manager of Woolworths, said in a statement: \"On June 20, some customers told us that it was a challenge to develop the habit of bringing your reusable bags . \".
\"We listened to these customers and heard that they just wanted a little extra help from us to transition to a more sustainable way of shopping.
\"Not only does this help support customers to form new habits, but it also ensures they have reusable bags on hand the next time they choose to shop with us.
Rival Coles will also be phasing out plastic bags this weekend, and the supermarket giant says it is taking additional measures to protect employees from \"bag rage.
A spokesman for Coles told SBS News that all check-out will be open nationwide from ten o\'clock A. M. to six o\'clock P. M. on the day of the ban.
Senate investigation suggests banning all single people
The use of plastics in the next 5 years-this is also expressed by WA Environment Minister Stephen Dawson.
\"We are working on how to phase out other singles --
\"Plastic is used at the national level,\" he said . \".
\"The Minister of Environment has recently met and we are committed to phasing out or 100% single-
Use plastic in the next few years.
\"Environmental groups welcomed the proposal and saw a ban on the use of plastic bags as a first step towards a more sustainable and cheaper plastic future.
The move has been going on for a long time, said peysville Stegan from the WA State supervisory commission.
\"In fact, there are a lot of people in the community who support reducing the use of these singles.
\"Using plastic, straws and take-out containers is the next logical step,\" he said . \".
\"We need to find the root of the problem and stop this single spread --
Use plastic taken over from other products.
We need to go back to the types of products that can be recycled, compost, or repackagedused.
\"Supermarkets are not the only retailers trying to reduce their environmental footprint, and some have found their own way to recycle any plastic they leave behind.
Twist of WA works directly with suppliers and professional recycling companies to ensure that any plastic and foam plastic they use in their meal boxes can be fully recycled.
The company\'s founders, My and Christoffer Tistrandset, set up the company after moving from Sweden to Australia and said sustainability was a key part of their business.
\"We put everything in the box and we made sure we could take it back,\" Christoffer said . \".
\"When we use soft plastic, we make sure our customers really put them back in the box and then we take them to a special processing facility.
\"We believe that it is very important to take this responsibility as a business and make sure that we do not increase the number of landfill sites that have already occurred.
\"The bill provides that there are already singles in South Australia, the Northern Territories and the Tasmania state --
With the implementation of the new legislation, Western Australia and Queensland joined the ban in July 1.
Earlier this week, Victoria announced that they would join the ban in 2019, making New South Wales the only state without a plan to phase out luggage.
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