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by:Yucai     2020-04-20
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Winnipeg announced on Monday that it has acquired the right to formula and specifications in the United StatesS. -
Renault Packaging Co. , Ltd. for the production of punching machines
Through and blister
Packaging for a variety of medicines and health products.
Renault announced last year that it plans to stop producing packaging materials.
However, in order to minimize the inconvenience caused to customers, the company said it would license its known products --
How to go to another packaging company turns out to be Winpak.
Bruce Berry, president and CEO of Winpak, said in an interview on Monday: \"This is a big deal for us . \" Winpak beat several other packaging companies, he added,
Winpak wants to expand its supply of products in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, which will enable it to do this in a faster and cheaper way, he said.
He explained that it would take a lot of time and money to get government approval for any new packaging materials for pharma and healthNursing industry.
But Renault\'s products already have all the necessary approvals, he added, \"So with this deal we can get around all of this.
While he can\'t invest a dollar in this, the new deal \"should have a positive impact on our sales,\" Berry said \".
\"He said the deal is brewing for about a year and will clear the way for winparker to start producing Renault\'s drugs --Pak and Safety-
The brand of packaging materials, and some other special packaging products it uses to make.
He said the new product will be a good addition to the packaging materials already produced by the winpark Montreal plant for pharmaceutical and healthNursing industry.
The new deal will also help winpark get back on his feet at the end of 2008, when winpark called one of winpark\'s best financial performances in the past five years.
Winpak owns and operates nine kinds of plastic
Packaging plants in Canada and the United States, including two in Winnipeg. murray.
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