Why the bags have been 'on the job' before they are sold

by:Yucai     2019-12-09

Bulk stalls in supermarkets or on the market often have packaged foods. Although the bags are not the original packaging of the food, but the production date and shelf life of the food are printed on the top, then the problem is. How did these bags come from? When was it packaged?

Just yesterday morning, the staff of the city quality supervision system conducted a surprise inspection on a large food market. At a stall selling lychees, the quality inspectors asked the salesperson why the package was wrapped in advance. Where did the bag come from? The staff member said that the bags were bought at the door, and we couldn’t do it. The customers had to sell it. The phenomenon of bulk food is widespread, not just her family. . The reporter saw at the scene that in addition to lychee, longan, pistachio, etc., there are also some packaged products such as “Authentic Putian Guiyuan” and “Lin’an Specialty Smile”. Xingda Food Business Department Zhuo surnamed staff said that these outer packagings are packaged according to customer requirements, including white bags, gift bags and other different sizes of bags.

In terms of measurement, the Xingda Food Business Department has already called the good food package. The weight of the weighing and weighing is all up to standard, and there is no shortage of shortness. The staff of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau said, “This is still good, but the products after bulk packaging, the production date on some bags are printed later, and how long the products can be stored, only the seller knows. The quality supervision staff required the merchant to immediately inspect the packaging bags used, and immediately remove all the packaging bags that did not meet the actual conditions and not sell them to consumers. The nuts sold by the sub-packers are inconsistent with the actual situation and are suspected of infringing on consumer rights.

Many bags cannot be used for food packaging. Although the bags themselves are non-toxic and harmless, they are added to substances harmful to the human body. If they are used as food packaging, it will inevitably cause harm to the human body. It is recommended to buy food at large supermarkets.

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