victoria open to \'going it alone\' on plastic bag ban if national deal not reached

by:Yucai     2020-01-06
If a national agreement cannot be reached, Victoria is willing to \"go alone\" the ban on plastic bags.
The Andrews government is under pressure to eradicate plastic bags, with some states already imposing bans and Victorian Parliament calling for changes.
Lily Ambrosio, minister of the environment, told the ferfax media: \"We believe that the national ban is the most effective way to address this issue, but we do not rule out acting alone.
\"We are working with the industry and the community to identify the most effective and appropriate way to reduce the impact of plastic bags on Victoria,\" MS Ambrosio said . \".
While pushing for the Victorian ban, state and regional environment ministers are preparing to meet in Melbourne on Friday to discuss the national ban on plastic bags.
This week, the National Retail Association also called for the gradual elimination of free plastic bags in Australia after Woolworths and Coles announced that they would phase out free plastic bags
Plastic bags will be used from July 2018.
Between them, China\'s largest supermarket gives away billions of plastic bags every year. Single-
Plastic bags have been banned in South Australia, the act, the northern region and the Tasmania state.
Queensland plans to do the same next year.
Dominic Lamb, president of the National Retail Association, said that for the sake of the environment and consistency, backward states need to follow suit as soon as possible.
Small and medium-sized-
Larger businesses will also face higher costs and a potential rebound as they continue to offer free packages, she said.
We welcome them [
Coles of Woolworths]
\"The commitment to this issue and want to see this happen across the country,\" Lamb said . \" MS.
The Greens have introduced a bill to ban plastic bags in the upper house of Victorian Parliament.
According to the model proposed by environmental activists, plastic bags, including heavy plastic bags, will be completely banned from retail.
Small retailers can apply for an exemption from the Minister of the environment.
Plastic packaging for fresh food will also be banned as part of the green proposal.
Nina Springler, a Green Party MP, said the community has broad support for cutting plastic bags.
\"The community is very interested in this issue.
\"People want to see the ban,\" she said . \".
The Greens have already started campaigning on the issue among Gulf voters and will soon knock on the door for seats on the edge of Frankston.
Darebin and the Surf Coast board have passed proposals to reduce the use of plastic.
Packaging Spending in Australia is one of the highest per capita spending in the world, and packaging spending is accelerating as wealth increases.
But Victoria is firmly opposed to the introduction of the container deposit plan.
The new state will launch one in December, adding plans for North Territory and South Australia.
Jeff Angel, executive director of the Green Group General Environmental Center, said that other states are adopting container storage plans (CDS).
\"Queensland has brought legislation to Parliament and will pass it in the coming months, and Washington state is working on its plan, which Tasmania has allocated money to develop, he said: \"You have only Victoria left. \"
MS Ambrosio said: \"We will continue to monitor container storage plans in other states. but]
The proposal suggests that CDS will go a long way beyond the benefits to the environment and increase the cost of the Victorian era.
\"The new state Prime Minister, Gladys berreggiklia, recently said she does not need to ban plastic bags in the state because supermarkets have banned\" 80 plastic bags \".
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