types of rta kitchen cabinets

by:Yucai     2020-05-15
Kitchen cabinets can add uniqueness to the kitchen.
They can be a great asset while building a new home.
Considering their importance in decorating the kitchen.
Various reading materials for assembling kitchen cabinets: oak kitchen cabinets: any kitchen will look as great as oak cabinets with face frames, bars and stiles, made entirely of solid oak.
The raised panel is painted with oak, so it is not easy to crack or twist.
This series ready for assembly also uses antique English half
Hidden hinges focus on golden oak finish.
This cabinet has additional features such as drawer boxes, 1/2 \"stains on all the wooden back, can be perfectly combined with the color of the cabinet, European epoxy drawer slide.
Traditional honey maple: These types of cabinets blend perfectly with all types of homes, offering an elegant look to the kitchen.
Traditional honey maple is one of its own in wooden cabinets.
It has a smooth surface of honey maple, which is made without a granular plate.
In this regard, the door and face frame are made of solid maple trees with good plywood sides.
It also comes with a European epoxy drawer slide and hidden European hinges.
Ginger Maple: in a variety of kitchens, these cabinets blend together effortlessly.
The main feature of ginger Maple is the upper cabinet door composed of Roman arches, which provides the kitchen with a unique appearance and a smooth feeling.
Similar to the above variety, this type of face frame and door is also made of solid maple.
It has the taste of ginger maple with European epoxy drawer slides and hidden European hinges.
Sunset Maple: this is the latest product for all ready to assemble cabinets.
All of these have unique vitality;
Give your kitchen a clear feel rich color.
This is the best option for those who don\'t like to install chestnut Maple.
The wooden cabinet has a solid plywood cabinet box and also a drawer box with 1/2 \"all the wooden edges on the back are stained, which complements the tone of all the cabinets.
The main feature of this variety is that it hides European hinges and drive slides.
Chestnut Maple: These types of cabinets are suitable for people who plan to make the kitchen look complete.
The rich color of chestnut maple sugar gives the kitchen a classic look.
Their door and face frames are made of sturdy maple trees with a silk of chestnut glaze.
The raised panel door has four molded edges.
There are drawers and hidden drawer slides in the cabinet.
Windsor Maple: These types of kitchen cabinets are attractive cabinets suitable for a variety of kitchens.
Windsor Maple Sugar has additional features that make them stand out from other types of cabinets.
It is equipped with a 3/4 \"plywood side\" than a normal 1/2 and is equipped with a tough drawer slide.
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