travelling to china? better pack a face mask

by:Yucai     2020-04-13
The flight was canceled.
Picture: AFPSource: one of the worst air pollution in Beijing, AFPONE, left school children indoors yesterday and had residents with coughs go to the hospital, but this time the smog was different: the government talked about the transparency of the matter.
Although welcomed by residents and environmental activists, Beijing\'s new opening to smog has also put more pressure on the government to address potential causes, including efforts to expand Western countries.
In the case of heavy traffic in Beijing, emissions from all vehicles are limited. \"Really awful.
Cindy Lu, a Beijing office worker, said of the smog as he walked up the sidewalk in the city center.
But she added: \"Now that we have better information, we know how bad things are, we can protect ourselves and decide if we want to go out.
\"Before, you just saw that the air was not good but didn\'t know how bad the air was,\" she said . \".
Due to reduced visibility to 100, flights with severe smog were canceled and traffic was delayed. Even state-
The media\'s criticism and publicity of the smog is very prominent.
\"What is more suffocating than smog is the weakness of the response,\" the front-line Title wrote --
One page review of the Communist Party
Operating China Youth Daily.
Government officials
They played down the smog of the past.
A press conference was held and information about pollution was posted on Weibo.
The pollution wave peaked on Saturday. the-
Skyscrapers in Beijing are shrouded in thick gray smoke.
It is expected to last until Tuesday, the worst smog since the government began releasing pm2. 5 data. 5 particles -
The most serious pollutants
Earlier last year, in response to strong public protests.
More and more Chinese middle classes are becoming more outspoken about the quality of the environment, and the public\'s demand for more air quality information is partly caused by Twitter feedback from the US embassy, which provides pm2. 5 every hour.
5 readings from the roof of the building.
The Chinese government is now releasing hourly air quality updates in more than 70 cities. CHINA-ENVIRONMENT-
According to AFP, June, Ma Yun, a famous environmental activist in Beijing, said, \"I think there has been a big change . \" The government knows it no longer monopolizes environmental information, he added.
\"Given the capacity of the public to disseminate this information, especially on social media, the government itself has to make adjustments.
\"Due to China\'s rapid pace of industrialisation, reliance on coal, explosive growth in car ownership and disregard for environmental laws, air pollution is a major problem in China and development often takes precedence over health.
Due to the increase in coal burning, pollution usually gets worse in winter.
\"Pollution has a great impact, it lasts a long time, and it has a great density.
Zhang Dawei, director of the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center, said at a news conference on Monday: \"This is rare for Beijing in recent years . \".
According to government monitoring, the level of PM2.
On Saturday, five particles per cubic meter exceeded 700 micrograms, down to about 350 micrograms on Monday.
But it is still well above the World Health Organization\'s level of security. CHINA-ENVIRONMENT-POLLUTION-TRANSPORT-
The health levels monitored separately by the US embassy reached a peak of 886 micrograms on Saturday.
Air quality is labeled \"beyond index.
City authorities ordered many factories to reduce emissions and spray water at construction sites to try to curb dust and dirt that pollute toxic smoke.
Schools in some areas have been ordered to cancel outdoor flags
In an unusual announcement, Beijing authorities suggested that all residents \"take measures to protect their health \".
\"The Respiratory Health Department at Beijing Century altar hospital has received 20 more patients than usual, most of them coughing and seeking treatment for bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Said Huang Aiben. PM2.
5 is a small particle of less than 2.
5 micron size, about 1/30 of the average width of human hair.
They can go deep into the lungs, and measuring them is considered a more accurate reflection of air quality compared to other methods.
\"Because these dust particles are thin, they can be absorbed directly by tiny air bags in the lungs,\" Huang said . \".
\"The ability of the airway to block fine dust is relatively weak, so the bacteria and viruses carried by the dust can enter the airway directly.
He added: \"long-term exposure can lead to tumors.
Demand for masks has surged, and six pharmacies in Beijing have contacted them by phone, saying they have sold out.
A woman surnamed Pang, who works at the Golden Elephant Pharmacy, said buyers are mainly elderly and students, and the store has sold 60 masks a day in the past few days.
Most of the smog choking Chinese cities is spewed out by commercial trucks, but authorities have delayed the implementation of stricter emission standards to ease the burden on small businesses paying for cleaner engines. CHINA-ENVIRONMENT-
AFP: \"This is not a technical problem.
More is the ability of consumers to withstand.
Raising emission standards will significantly increase costs . \"
Pacific director, LMC Automotive Co. , Ltd.
A research company.
\"Most of the buyers are small business owners and they are very expensive --sensitive.
\"It takes about 20,000 yuan to upgrade to a cleaner engine ($3200)
According to Zeng Qinghong, the typical price tag for a car has increased by about 8%.
Smog has even inspired a play-like song widely circulated on the Internet.
\"Every street in Beijing is filled with heavy smog, and the pollution index is worse than what can be seen on the chart.
I was surrounded by buildings in Wonderland, and I saw people wearing masks throughout the city, and the lyrics were written like this.
\"Who travels in the fog, who cries in the fog?
Who struggles in the fog, who suffocates in the fog? \"CHINA-ENVIRONMENT-
Source of pollution: Travel to China recently published?
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