These elements on the bag are instantly eye-catching!

by:Yucai     2019-01-05

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There are a lot of packaging methods in the present. In order to pursue innovative packaging styles, people also use a lot of novel elements to make the bags more eye-catching. Today we will look at the interesting elements that can be used on the packaging bags.

1. Take the brand mascot as an element

Now more and more brands will design their own mascots, and for those brands whose mascots are vivid and well-loved, it is also a good choice to use mascots as the main elements of design.

2, as the main consumer object or related elements of the consumer object as a design element

For example, women's products often use women, flowers, butterflies, feathers, etc. Children's products generally use animals, dolls, children, etc. as the main elements of packaging design, and pet supplies use pets as the main elements of packaging design.

3, directly with the product as a design element

Food packaging is more commonly used in this type of performance, suitable for brands with high skin values, such as our common biscuits, snacks, fruits and other packaging. The coveted food picture is the most effective weapon to attract food, but the requirements for photographers and retouchers are relatively high.

4. Design elements for the production process of the product

This kind of expression technique is more common in tea packaging. This kind of practice can easily give people a sense of professionalism and cultural heritage. It is usually expressed in the form of hand-drawn or line drawing.

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