The technical level and technical characteristics of the packaging and printing industry

by:Yucai     2019-12-11

Packaging printing not only requires exquisite printing, highlights product features, but also obeys the structural design of packaging products, to meet the needs of transportation, warehousing and other aspects, so the difficulty of packaging printing technology increases. In addition, due to the different packaging materials, the printed substrates are also various, and different printing methods are required. Sometimes a product requires multiple printing methods to complete. It can be seen that packaging printing is quite different from general publishing printing, and its technical development is independent of publishing printing.
Normally, new materials and technologies in the packaging and printing industry will be first applied to cigarette printing and then gradually extended to other printing fields. Therefore, in the tobacco label printing industry, enterprises that can become bigger and stronger can easily enter other categories of packaging and printing fields from the perspective of technology and technology. From this perspective, the cigarette printing technology represents the high-tech level of the packaging and printing industry. .

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