the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry

by:Yucai     2020-05-15
In the world of cabinet manufacturers, I found inventory, half
Custom, custom is not so clear-
Like you think. Semi-
Customs, in particular, are always vague in my opinion.
The storage cabinet is very simple.
They are made in standard sizes and are supplied to Home Depot, local lumberjacks, and professional kitchen and bathroom shops through dealers.
Despite the frame of their doors and faces (
If they do)
The front of the drawer is usually hardwood floor.
Manufacturers reduce the cost of inventory cabinets by using simplified drawer construction and thinner paper
Laminated particles
Board of area not easy to see in cabinet. Semi-
Custom and custom cabinets usually have the same hardwood floor drawer front, door and front frame as similar products of the lower price, but their boxes and drawers are usually higher --
Quality construction. While a stock-
The cabinet drawer may have the side of the crushing board directly nailed to the front of the drawer, and the better cabinet will have four
The front of the drawer is screwed with a double-sided drawer box of solid hard wood blocks, usually matching.
In addition, a better cabinet will have a stronger package made of veneer plywood instead of plywood (
Although melamine or high melamine fiber board
Pressure laminated surfaces are usually used for highquality face-
Frame and frameless cabinet). Both semi-
Custom and custom cabinets are made according to specific customer orders, not pre-made, sometimes required
A lot of preparation time for delivery is between 3 and 12 weeks.
For nearly £ 25% you can expect to pay for customsemi-
Custom cabinets you will see 5/8-in. vs. 1/2-in.
For example, a drawer or an extended stiles instead of a wooden filler strip.
In some cases, custom cabinets can actually be slightly larger than the standard size, although this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Will one grade be better than the other?
Bad bathroom environment?
The main functional difference between these three cabinets is the type of drawer they have.
Cabinet Manufacturers Association (ifKCMA)
Certification, the possibility of installing customization is not large
Cabinet case will last longer than KCMA-
In most cases, the front of the door frame and the drawer are almost the same.
But as time goes by, there will be differences in drawers.
For all three types of cabinets, you are limited to the styles and sizes listed by the manufacturer, although in some cases custom cabinets can be ordered with oversized brackets to fill the gaps (
Instead of relying on a screw-On the fill bar)
Even a slightly larger size.
Other differences are usually small, depending on the manufacturer.
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