The correct way to use plastic bags

by:Yucai     2019-12-09

The bag is a great invention that is convenient for people's lives, but it also brings hidden dangers to people's health. How can we reduce the harm of plastic bags to the human body? This requires us to live from life. Start by.

As the saying goes, 'the disease is from the mouth.' If you want to have a good body, you must first start from the diet, and food plays a vital role in the health of the human body. At present, plasticizers are commonly used in plastic products, used in food packaging materials, containers, etc. In the environment of heating and grease, the plasticizer in the food plastic bag will overflow from the plastic bag. , causing pollution to food.

Plasticizers have almost no acute toxicity, but their toxicity in chronic toxicity is significant. Experts suggest that in order to reduce the plasticizer intake, do not directly heat the food with plastic bags, such as bagged milk, do not store the food in plastic containers and then use a microwave oven to heat, do not put hot fritters, Fried fried foods such as oil cakes, oil cakes, and hemps are placed in plastic bags. It is best not to use plastic bags provided by street food vendors.

While plastic bags provide convenience for our daily lives, there are also threats to health. But don't be too scared about this. As long as you understand the contraindications of using plastic bags and use plastic bags reasonably and correctly, it still outweighs the disadvantages in people's lives. In this case, we must remind everyone that we should not discard the plastic bags and cause “white pollution”, which will cause harm to our environment and pay attention to environmental protection.

When using the bag, you should also pay attention to some of his correct methods.

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