swords bid to ditch the disposable cup

by:Yucai     2020-01-17
A local Green Party representative is launching a campaign to make the sword the first \"reusable town of cups\" in Dublin \".
Mark Henry\'s sword and Dublin\'s Green party reps want to deal with disposable cups in the capital of Fingel forever, and ask the cafe in each sword to promote the sports Cup by offering discounts to customers who bring their own reusable cups.
Half of the sword-holding cafes have already offered discounts to customers, and Mr Henry congratulates you for not having a hand!
Starbucks, Esquires, housekeeper, insomnia is the way.
The Green Party representative said: \"It\'s amazing to think that we use 2 million disposable coffee cups in Ireland every day!
\"The cost of them is included in your coffee, most of them are in the bin, and many are not recyclable even if you put them in the green bin.
So they are a waste of money.
Mr Henry added: \"If you bring your own reusable cup when you take out, you can save money and reduce the garbage --out.
Speaking about the progress of his campaign, the local Green Party representative said: \"At present, half of the sword-holding cafes have offered discounts to customers if they bring them themselves.
\"I want to congratulate you for not having a hand!
Starbucks, Esquires, housekeeping, and insomnia are all leading in this regard.
\"Now that Mark is trying to sign other members of the cafe with a sword before the campaign, he encourages sword-wielding consumers to participate.
\"I am now asking all the local cafes to follow suit,\" he said.
\"If every shop brings a sword to the customer, we can make the sword the first reusable mug town in Dublin --your-own discount.
We bring our own plastic bags when we go shopping, so let\'s start bringing our own reusable cups.
\"If your local cafe is not discounted today, then ask them to introduce one.
This is an easy way for us to improve our community and save money for everyone.
\"Some of the deals that have been prepared for customers who bring their own cups at the sword Cafe and the coffee shop include Starbucks reusable cups of 35 cents per Cup for only 1 euro.
After five cups of coffee, £ 50 will exceed your salary.
\"Look, Mom has no hands!
Get reusable cups soon, and now they will give you a 30 cent discount if you bring them yourself.
Esquires sells reusable cups for 9 euros.
Complimentary drinks are included.
Then, every time you use it, it will cut the price by 10 cents.
The reusable cup of the Butler requires 14 euros and includes complimentary drinks.
Then, every time you use it, it will cut the price by 10 cents.
Insomnia charges 9 euros.
75 their large reusable cups, their loyalty plan gives you 10 cents credit each time you use it.
The plan has economic and environmental significance, and Mark hopes that both the cafe and their customers can see the meaning from the idea.
In recent months, the over-use of disposable cups has become a hot issue. in last November, a large number of media reports said that the government was considering taxing disposable cups, as we are used to in plastic bags.
The environment minister, Dennis Norton, confirmed at the time that the action was under study because about 2 million disposable coffee cups were currently delivered to landfill sites in Ireland every day.
Mark Henry\'s initiative provides leading opportunities for people and coffee shop owners, and proves that such a plan can work, and with the discounted carrot rather than the discounted carrot, behavior will change.
Roscommon is also working on a similar plan, but if Swords accepts the idea, it will be the first city in Dublin to do so.
Some of the larger coffee shop chains have been discussing with the government the issue of getting rid of disposable cups, and now there is a real momentum behind this movement nationwide.
Mark Henry hopes that the momentum and common sense behind this idea will make it successful.
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