supermarket ban sees 80pc drop in plastic bag consumption nationwide, retail association says

by:Yucai     2020-01-09
Ban on single
Two of Australia\'s largest supermarkets use plastic bags to prevent the introduction of estimated 1.
5 billion bags into the environment-
Retail is hoping this is just the beginning.
Coles and Woolworth decided to stop offering singles.
Use disposable plastic bags
In the past year, strong public opposition has erupted rapidly.
But three months later, the radical change turned 80. per-
According to the National Retail Association, the national consumption of plastic bags fell by half (NRA).
Stott said the ban was a \"brave\" move by large supermarkets, paving the way for small businesses --
They don\'t usually risk customer anger. to follow suit. \"They\'re [supermarkets]
\"Obviously we are treated as product admins, so a lot of people will come back to them,\" Mr Stout said . \".
\"Obviously, the best way for small businesses is to either design the bag thoroughly or have the customer pay for it . . . . . . They should be able to consider this strategy without worrying about a rebound.
\"Mr Stout hopes that major retailers will continue to lead the industry in a more sustainable direction and ban other single
Use the packaging option.
\"Everyone who delivers things in the package needs to take responsibility for what they deliver,\" he said . \".
The new state is the only state or region in Australia that does not have legislation to phase out plastic bags, and Mr Stott says it is time to strengthen and abandon reliance on supermarket bans to get the job done.
\"We still see a lot of small and medium sized bags being used, especially in the food category, and while I am somewhat comforted by the fact that the professional volunteered to do so, he said:\" I think there is still a need for a ban. \".
\"For businesses, the environment, consumers, and, of course, even for councils that have to work to remove these things from landfill sites, there are a lot of benefits in doing so in general.
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