sudden plastic bag ban \'reckless\' and \'irresponsible\': independent grocers

by:Yucai     2020-05-16
Shoptosome retail association is dismissive of town hall not consulting them before banning single
Use plastic bags in 27-
Vote on Wednesday.
John Scott, chairman of the Canadian Federation of Independent grocery stores, hopes that the Council will reconsider this decision.
\"I just feel that what they do is so incredibly reckless and so incredibly irresponsible,\" he said . \".
He is concerned that the cost of other purchasing methods such as paper bags and reusable bags will eventually fall on consumers.
\"If you have to move to paper, obviously paper is more expensive than plastic,\" he said . \".
\"Obviously, that means the cost.
I\'m not sure who will take this responsibility in the end.
On behalf of more than 4,000 grocery retailers in Canada, the association noted that retailers have reduced their use of plastic bags by 59% in the past three years.
The initial agreement signed with the government in 2007 set a target of 50% for five years.
\"We can go a long way towards achieving what the City Council wants to achieve,\" he said . \".
\"For things like this, we don\'t have to turn to things like majiavari.
Scott sent a letter to the mayor expressing the concerns of the association.
John Mascarin, counsel for Aird and Berlis, said it was possible to challenge the ban in court.
\"The Charter can still be challenged like the others,\" he said . \".
Irvin Granovsky, chairman of Atlantic packaging products, does not use plastic bags in grocery stores.
He used corrugated boxes.
His factory produces plastic and paper bags, but the ban on plastic bags has not scared him since January 2013.
\"I\'m old, don\'t worry,\" he said . \"
\"I followed suit.
\"He also does not believe there will be any job loss as Poly products will still be welcome as long as the ban is not targeted at all plastics.
His main concern is that plastic bags in grocery stores are widely used to handle wet garbage and lining small trash cans.
\"Plastic bags were invented and there is a reason why millions of people sell them, which is a good reason,\" he said . \".
On the other hand, the Toronto environmental coalition was pleasantly surprised by the city\'s sudden ban on plastic bags.
\"We are surprised by this, but we are excited about the council taking some measures for the environment,\" said activist Emily Elfred . \".
The committee also voted to cancel the nickel fee for plastic bags from July 1.
When asked about the ban
Julie Gara Hunt, president of public relations at loblaww, wrote in an email that the company respects the council\'s decision.
\"Our goal is to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags in use, not to collect coins,\" she wrote . \".
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