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The sealed air company, established in January 29, 1996, is engaged in food safety, facility hygiene and product protection.
The company serves a range of end markets, including food and beverage processing, food services, retail, healthcare and industry, and commercial and consumer applications.
The market segment of the company is food care (
Including business, medical applications and new business)
Products, services and businesses.
The company provides packaging solutions for institutional food, consumer and industrial markets.
The company provides institutional and industrial cleaning, hygiene and hygiene solutions, products and related services.
It also offers a wide range of packaging and cleaning solutions for commercial supply distributors.
As of December 31, 2016, the company had operated in 60 countries.
To support food care and new business customers, as of December 31, 2016, the company operates three Packforum learning centers in the United States, France and China.
The company also provides customer service of conception, education seminar, staff training and graphic design.
As of December 31, 2016, the company operated 29 industrial packaging design centers (PDCs)
It has facilities all over the world.
The food care department is focused on providing a range of integrated system solutions for processors, retailers and food service operators.
The food care business mainly serves perishable food and beverage processors and mainly serves fresh red meat, smoked and processed meat, beverages, poultry and dairy products (
Solid and liquid)
Markets around the world.
Its solutions are sold under Cryovac and sub
Brands such as Cryovac Grip & Tear, Cryovac Darfresh, Cryovac Mirabella, simple steps, Safety Check, Enduro power supply and Optidure.
The company\'s solutions include equipment systems, consumables such as advanced flexible films, absorbing materials and pallets integrated into customer operations, and a range of pre-and post-sale services.
Its packaging equipment system includes a variety of options for loading, filling and distribution, and can also accommodate certain distillation and aseptic processing conditions.
Device Solutions include vacuum shrink bag system, cryovac, flow-
Vac, packaging/vacuuming packaging system, thermoforming, housing, tray/cover and vertical bag packaging system.
Its services include graphic design, printing, training, on-site quality assurance and remote diagnostics.
The company\'s facilities and sanitation solutions include cleaningin-
Place and open plant systems that integrate cleaning chemicals, lubricants, floor care equipment, and cleaning and distribution tools.
The company also provides a range of services such as application and employee training and auditing for sanitation, water and energy management to manage the operational efficiency of customer processes and their cleaning effects.
The Food and Health Department focuses on providing systems that protect customer products.
The company\'s food care sector includes medical applications and new venture capital businesses, also known as other businesses.
The medical application business provides protection and reliability solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
The company sells medical application products directly to medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies and contract packaging companies supplying medical devices.
Its product line includes packaging materials for medical and drug delivery equipment, professional composition films for mouth and colon pocket making, and PVC (PVC)
Free movies for packaging pharmaceutical solutions.
Its new business includes some development projects focusing on new technologies and opportunities, including the market.
A concentrated exploration of products and knowledge
The company\'s product care department offers a range of solutions for protection and special packaging challenges.
The product care department provides customers with a range of product care solutions to meet Buffering, void filling, positioning and blocking-and-
Support, surface protection, retail display, housing and padding are required.
Its product care solutions are suspended in foam packaging and AirCap air honeycomb packaging, Cryovac performance shrink film, Shanklin FloWrap shrink packaging system, Instapak polyurethane foam packaging system, ji and korrjv.
Product Care solutions are primarily sold through the distribution of business supplies sold to business and industrial end users.
In addition, the solution is sold directly to the manufacturer, the manufacturer of the original equipment (OEMs)
Third-contract manufacturer
E-commerce logistics partners
Business/fulfillment business, as well as in the retail center, the product service department provides selected products to consumers worldwide.
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