sea of plastic: how long before we choke ourselves completely?

by:Yucai     2019-12-26
Credit: propaganda. britanica.
Look around you now.
I would like you to find at least 10 items made of plastic on your arm.
Take the time and count all the small items and disposable equipment around your room, on the table, in the kitchen. Everywhere.
How many of these items will you keep for the next 5 years, and for the next 20 minutes, credit: Forum. molten-view.
Plastic is everywhere today.
From your current computer to the parts of your car, to the shopping bags you get from the store, they seem to make our lives more convenient.
Living in today\'s modern world, it is almost impossible to think about life without it.
Imagine that I couldn\'t even understand the world without anything made of plastic, without it.
While it may seem almost impossible, the fact is that as a species, humans are choking themselves with products designed to make their lives easier.
In a larger range than you think, we are giving the planet a disposable floss container, bottle cap, prescription medicine container, bag, phone, lighter, and toothbrush at one time
Given scale credit: hub pages.
It\'s even hard for ComIt to throw away some plastic items every day around in any sense, imagine it.
Pretend that ordinary American citizens only throw away two plastic products from the garbage every day (
On average, it could be a huge understatement).
As of 2012, the population of the United States was about 313.
9 million people and rise.
The two plastic parts that everyone threw away quickly became amazing.
There are 607 now.
Every day, 8 million small pieces of plastic are thrown into the trash and discarded and forgotten.
Now, imagine that this happens only one year a day.
More than 221 billion items have been disposed of from American homes.
While the numbers themselves look amazing, they don\'t even start to touch the surface.
It\'s just assumed that two endpoint items are being processed . . . . . . . .
It\'s a joke if you think about it.
This includes only products that enter your home.
We didn\'t even take into account the plastic packaging they came in, the grocery bags they brought home, the plastic products they shipped in, or the plastic garbage bags you threw in
It\'s just taking into account a person, a house, a block, a city, a state, a country, a country, a place in the world.
SOURCE: American online.
Believe it or not, America is not the only country on this planet.
Don\'t you think it\'s crazy (
Meaning of irony)
The American people seem to forget and blindly throw away the theoretical 221 billion pieces of plastic each year, when placed on a secular scale, nothing.
China has about four times the population of the United States.
Imagine how the world handled it.
It\'s more of a confusion of mind (Not a choice word)
Think about the fact that you throw in every piece of plastic in the trash, and after you \'ve been on the planet for a long time, you\'ll still linger in the landfill, or floating aimlessly through what we are.
I know everyone wants to make their mark in this world, but plastic pollution is not a way.
Where the hell is this plastic?
While \"proper disposal\" may occur in your community and in your neighbors, there are countless countries that do not have the means to dispose of technology or adequate recycling/waste reduction.
People from the West tend to criticize the practices of these countries because they lack the general infrastructure needed to maintain such projects, but in reality the West should be blamed.
Western culture is the fundamental driving force behind supporting these countries to produce cheap plastic products at an astonishing almost free price.
So where is our \"proper disposal\" method of plastic? Where is the plastic, there is no way to pick up the plastic from the side of the road, the plastic will not be buried in the same soil, this soil will produce your food and will eventually be thrown into the waterway . . . . . . What\'s interesting is. . . Produce your food.
Through these waterways, most plastics can and will eventually find access to the ocean and then circulate around the world.
In my stomach, many people just hold a mentality of \"invisible and invisible.
However, when you think about it, it\'s not far from the fact.
The fact is that when it comes to plastic contamination, just because it\'s invisible doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t find a way to get into your own stomach.
Credit: lamodevert. wordpress.
Because we have blocked every waterway and ocean with countless plastics, other species will inevitably fall into this pollution.
The smallest plastic debris floating passively in the ocean is occupied by small fish that remain low on the food chain.
As the rules of the world continue, small fish will be eaten by bigger and bigger fish.
As the cycle continues to move forward, big fish consume a variety of prey, and plastic pollution levels begin to build up creatures and move up the food chain to a nutritionist.
In the right case, these levels may be raised to levels that are harmful and almost toxic.
Now guess who would normally consume nutritious predators with other Level 1 species and they can get their hands, that\'s right . . . . . . Human beings.
When they say everything is connected and the ecosystem is balanced, I think it makes sense for it.
You are consuming the garbage you throw into the garbage.
Is there an end to the real solution, even though humans are destined to suffocate and die, I even say myself that I can\'t imagine the world without plastic products.
As an advocate of clean and green policy, I am sad to see a world falling rapidly at a faster and faster pace.
It seems as long as I can foresee that the demand for money and the production of cheap disposable consumer goods will exceed logic and long-term sustainability.
It seems that communication awareness is not enough.
Guided by the desire for wealth, or simply a follower of pure ignorance, the cowardly mind of human logic seems to transcend the selfmutilating.
A species that fears its potential and is suffocated by its own discoveries, are we really thinking about future generations? Whether we have the ability to see the immediate problems is much bigger than you and I think: propaganda. britanica. com -
Only when the last tree is cut down.
Only when the last river was poisoned.
Only when the last fish is caught;
Only in this way can you find that money cannot be eaten. -
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