saanich won’t be banning single-use plastic bags just yet

by:Yucai     2020-02-27
The Saanich committee voted to wait by a narrow margin --and-
See the method of banning plastic shopping bags.
On November, the Saanich committee recommended that the council obtain legal advice on possible bans.
On Monday, the Saanich Committee voted 5-
Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell said that the court should not obtain legal advice on the proposed ban until it can develop case law on this issue.
Oak Bay and Esquimalt also decided to wait-and-see approach.
Last month, the Victoria Council voted to ban plastic shopping bags from businesses.
Under the Victorian Charter, which will come into effect on July 1, businesses will not be allowed to provide a single service to their customers
Use plastic bags.
Paper bags and reusable bags will be charged and fined from 2019.
After that, a propaganda team sent B. C.
The Supreme Court lifted the ban on postal parcels in the city.
The Canadian plastic bag Association\'s petition to the court in Vancouver stated that the city did not have jurisdiction to prohibit businesses from providing plastic bags to customers under the Community Charter.
Victoria\'s legislation, known as the checkout bag regulations bylaws, aims to reduce the number of bags that end up in landfill sites, beaches and oceans, and they gradually break down into small pieces that are eaten by marine life.
The exemption list for the Victoria ban is very long.
According to its articles of association, bulk items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains or sweets will be allowed to use plastic bags;
Nuts, bolts and other hardware;
Frozen food, meat, poultry, fish;
Baked goods that have not been packaged;
Flowers, potted plants; prepared foods;
Prescription drugs; live fish;
The protection of bedding, bedding or any large items that are not easy to put in reusable bags;
Newspapers or other printed materials left in the residence or business;
And clothing after professional cleaning.
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