recycling: where is the plastic waste mountain?

by:Yucai     2020-01-10
A year ago, experts warned that Britain could face a lot of waste plastics as China banned waste imports.
In recent years, the UK has relied heavily on China to receive plastic packaging that we do not want.
Three years ago, Britain exported half a million tons of plastic to China and Hong Kong.
About two of them-
There are three plastics we send abroad.
12 months ago, China introduced a ban on \"foreign garbage\" as part of its industrial upgrading.
At the time, the recycling industry in the UK warned that the decision would be a \"game --
Change \", which will be a struggle to deal with the waste of the country.
Well, it hasn\'t appeared yet.
Part of the reason is that other countries have taken away our waste plastics, and part of the reason is that we are burning more waste plastics.
After the public has issued a large-scale alert for plastic pollution, we may also be reducing the production of plastic waste, although in the 12 months ended October 2018, we cannot determine what the number is, our analysis of environmental agency data shows that the UK has exported a total of 611,000 tons of recycled plastic packaging to other countries.
In the previous 12-month period (
Ie until October 2017)
Britain exported 683,000 tons.
As a result, exports fell by 72,000 per cent during 201617 and 2017-2018.
It is clear that other countries have imported most of the plastic packaging that China has reprocessed before.
But burning in the UK has also increased, and we may see the benefits of the impact of the \"blue planet\" on public behavior.
In fact, we cannot determine from the data exactly what happened to the gap.
Where there is waste plastic, there is potential profit.
Because some of them are lucky to be recycled.
So some countries have their reprocessing plants ready to welcome our waste with open arms.
Many Chinese recyclers are moving their business overseas to benefit from cheap plastic flows in the region before
Export to China as recycled particles.
But not all of this is welcome.
Several countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan, have severely restricted imports because goods have hindered the quality of ports and imported materials (
From all countries)was poor.
So while China\'s use of plastic fell by 94% during 2016 --17 and 2017-
Malaysia, Turkey, Poland and Indonesia won the top spot in the gulp on the 18 th.
Malaysia imported a total of 105,000 tons, leading the way.
The total is 42,000 (68%)more in 2017-
18 compared to the previous year.
The second popular destination is Turkey (80,000 tonnes).
Poland ranked third in the league
Although in 2017 it actually received slightly less plastic in the UK
More than in 2016. 17.
I don\'t know why.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam were ranked fourth.
Ranked top 10 in the number of waste plastics that pollute the ocean.
Another way to analyze data is to rank numbers based on net growth (
Which countries grew most in 2017
18 compared with 201617).
From this perspective, Malaysia and Turkey are still at the top of the list, while Indonesia is at the top five.
New entry (
Replace Poland and the Netherlands)
Spain and France.
Spain grew 14,000 in 2016. 17 and 2017-
France is behind 9,000.
Of course, sending materials abroad for recycling does not necessarily mean that it is actually recycled.
Waste companies in receiving countries may screen garbage, take out economically valuable materials, burn and even dump the rest.
In some places, the waste industry is notorious for its links to criminal activities.
According to United Nations estimates, the value of the global illegal waste trade is £ 8-£9. 5bn a year.
Since China\'s ban, the number of plastics received by Malaysia from abroad, including the UK, has increased significantly.
\"Malaysia is not able to handle all imported waste, limited plastic waste factories,\" said Mageswari Sangaralingam, who works for the Penang Consumer Association and Friends of the Earth, Malaysia.
According to the sangaringame MS, Malaysia not only receives more plastic than it can properly handle, but also some have low plastic content
The final grade as a landfill.
She says there are also rogue recyclers burning plastic in the open air --
Causes environmental harm.
The Malaysian government has announced stricter conditions for the import of plastics and has expressed the hope that it will be phased out in the next three years.
But sangaringam MS wants a full ban immediately.
\"Malaysia is not a dumping ground and therefore should stop importing plastic waste,\" she said . \".
British Federation of plastics (BPF)
Tell us that it is \"very worried\" about the export of poor quality plastic waste \".
Roger Bynum, chairman of its recycling group, told us that UK companies should do their best to ensure that plastic flows to reputable recyclers: \"Exports of plastic waste are not controlled by the industry, BPF pays special attention to recent reports on illegal and fraudulent export of plastic packaging waste to Asia through the Netherlands.
\"BPF also told us that it will support the global certification system for the waste export sector and that recycling should be carried out domestically.
British environment minister Michael Gove said Britain must stop
The dirt that supports it \".
We asked why the British government did not ban the export of waste plastics altogether?
We were told that while the UK is committed to \"domestic recycling more\", \"the legal export market for plastics, especially in countries where new products are made from recycled plastic waste \".
Gove wants to stimulate more recycling, but UK companies looking to handle more waste in the UK complain that it is difficult to get funding.
Simon Ailin, chief executive of the UK Recycling Association, warned: \"There are very few countries where we can export comfortably and the market is shrinking . \".
\"People don\'t want to buy this material, so where exactly will this all go? \" he adds.
Mr. Ellin has largely supported the government\'s new waste strategy plan, but says the UK has to expand its handling capacity at a faster pace: \"We are almost at a time of crisis and he says: \"Unless we plan quickly. \"
Overall recovery figures have stagnated, with some committees burning 80% of all remaining waste, including recyclable plastics and paper.
Official data show that in the next 12 months, 50 of the 123 parliaments burned more than half of the household waste they collected, including plastic and paper.
The worst is in London.
Westminster burned 82% of household waste.
Less than half of all domestic waste (45. 2%)
Recycling in 2017-
Only a slight rise of 0.
Growth of 3% over the previous year.
Britain seems unlikely to enter the EU now.
Enforce a 50% recovery target in the next two years.
The Western Riverside Waste Authority, including Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth and Wandsworth, burned 79% like Lewis ham and tamhamlet.
At least 70% of plastic, paper and household waste has been burned by SLO, kilclay, Sunderland, Portsmouth and the Birmingham Parliament.
The Swindon Borough Council said in November that it wanted to burn plastic together with other garbage rather than send it abroad for recycling --
Say some \"improper recycling \".
BBC analysis shows that there are countless different rules in the country that hinder recovery rates.
Found nearly half (47%)
The British people asked said they disagree about what should be recycled and what should not.
Claire Shrewsbury of recycling body packaging told BBC News: \"It\'s time for the UK to take more responsibility for its recycled materials, moving forward to the recycling system of plastics and other materials.
\"There is a global market for exporting high-quality resources to countries that make products, and that is something the UK should explore.
\"This requires fundamental change for all of us.
This means regulatory transformation, collaborative industry action, and changes in civic behavior.
\"Ms. Shrewsbury targeted her comments against anyone who bought the item and threw away the packaging.
That\'s all of us.
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