recycle, don\'t ban, plastic bags

by:Yucai     2020-01-16
It\'s just a friendly reminder from August.
1. Plastic bag recycling will begin in San Antonio.
This is an important step for the city.
Hope it will help keep our city beautiful.
Here are some guidelines for recycling plastic bags: bags need to be dry and there can be nothing inside, including receipts.
Not dark, especially black or blue.
Do not recycle bags separately.
Gather them into the size of football.
Fasten your hands and put a bunch of bags in your blue box.
If there is a rope or zip lock in the bag, cut off those accessories.
It is worth noting that as the city studies the possibility of banning plastic bags, plastic bag recycling also follows.
At this time, we think recycling is a more feasible option.
Environmental groups do not agree with us.
For example, they say plastic bag recycling is ineffective, limited and expensive.
We respect this view.
Maybe one day the city will go to a ban.
But at this point in time, we think it is too limited for a surprisingly complex problem.
Many people reuse these plastic bags and we haven\'t heard a ban approved by the business community yet.
We also worry about low package fees. Shopping income.
Every penny is important.
Before turning to the ban, it is better for city officials to see how the household recycling program works.
At the same time, city residents can do their part by recycling these bags in blue bins.
Remember, from August. 1.
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