re-use your plastic bags

by:Yucai     2020-01-16
There are two \"floating landfill sites\", larger than the United States. S.
In the Pacific Ocean.
Their main ingredient is plastic.
Some plastics are large and bulky objects such as containers.
However, most plastics are crushed and repeatedly mistaken for plankton by \"filter food animals\" and albatross. :(
I watched a PBS show not long ago documenting the emergence of this floating landfill and how it caused losses to marine life.
It\'s frustrating to say the least.
But there are some things we can do to help slow down the need for plastic bags etc! Simply re-
Use plastic bags with \"zipper\"
Loc \"tops can greatly slow down our consumption of plastic!
If you are affected by the recession like most of us, you may take lunch to work like I do.
If you go to work with your lunch, you may split your food with Lee\'s sandwich bag like I did.
This Instructure will show you a way to slow down the consumption of these and other plastic \"Zippers\"loc\" type bags.
Now, it is almost impossible to buy food that is not packed in plastic bags, which I find very annoying.
Throwing them away makes me crazy after we consume their content, so I \'ve been looking for a way to update them or at least use them again.
I mean, every time you
With plastic bags, one more plastic bag you don\'t need!
Here we have just used the last two tortillas in this plastic bag.
This bag has a zipper.
There is an loc \"seal at one end, which means it can be used again to hold something else.
I decided to replace the water with something else.
Since I took lunch to work, I needed ice to keep the food cool.
But I don\'t like the ice floating in my bag. . .
I froze the water in these bags.
Once you run out of everything in the bag, rinse it quickly.
Then fill it with 3/4 of water.
Get out as much air as you can and don\'t spray water everywhere!
Then zip-
Loc \"top, in the fridge.
Depending on what you\'re going to do with ice, you can put it flat or in the fridge.
Once the water is frozen, put your new recycled ice bag in your cooler and enjoy nature!
* Make sure the water is completely frozen before taking it out of the refrigerator.
Some frozen water causes a puncture of the bag. . .
It happened to me this morning! :)
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