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by:Yucai     2020-01-03
Sakthivel, like many people in the city now, is a disturbing person. His small-
Scale business has hit the plastic industryfree snag.
He was overwhelmed by what to do.
Sakthivel and his wife have been selling sundal and chaat outside the Nari showroom opposite Panagal Park for more than a decade.
He is a frequent visitor here, and many customers in the store are also frequent visitors here.
\"Even NRIs came to me and said they came to this special showroom for shopping because they wanted to eat my sundal,\" he said proudly . \".
But his face fell.
\"There is almost no business now,\" he said . \"
And added, \"This is the season when people shop the most --
Due to Margazhi and holidays abroad, NRI tourists are also the most at this time of year.
But a few days ago, some officials came and took all my plastic containers, cups, spoons and glasses.
They told me I couldn\'t use plastic anymore.
I don\'t know what to do.
I have done other queries but they are too expensive for me to maintain my business.
\"So, what\'s his question?
\"The man who came to me the other day told me about the wooden bowl and the spoon --
I went to check it out but each spoon was 2 rupees.
I make a profit of about two rupees from every bowl of sundal I sell.
How can I get the bowl and the bowl made of all this material and sell it?
I also asked questions about banana leaves around.
All of a sudden, the price of banana leaves has also risen, and I have been told that the city is also scarce, \"Sakthivel lamented, although his wife was pitching,\" we are from a small village near Dindigul.
We have to finish, get back there, what else?
He continued, \"these days, I bought new newspapers from vendors on the side of the road, and I tore them into cone containers.
But customers are complaining.
Some people say that paper is not healthy, and the ink on it is also harmful to health.
Also, due to the fact that I used a little hot and sour sauce and liquid, the newspaper was quickly soaked.
People asked me how to eat without a spoon.
Also, these NRIs are a picky lot.
They don\'t like it all.
I really don\'t know what to do.
Given that poor people like us have a solution and not drive us out of business like this, governments should plan alternatives.
Look around you.
Everyone is using plastic.
Is the ban helpful?
Look at all the big shops across the road (
We have, we can see people walking around with huge plastic bags printed with the salawana shop)—
They don\'t care about any bans when we suffer.
Is the replacement price of plastic reasonable?
There are other options.
But most of them are beyond the reach of roadside vendors and individual/small vendors
Scale business.
Take this plastic bag. Made from eco-
Friendly biodegradable material, it is \"plastic\" for all uses, but at £ 9 per bag, How affordable is it for the masses?
The portal still uses plastic packaging;
Very few suppliers charge you for the plastic cover. The plastic ban has not yet had a full impact.
In every corner of the city, restaurants (
Full coverage of T Nagar)
Even food delivery services use plastic bags, containers and cutlery.
Online delivery portals like big baskets also continue to use plastic-packed vegetables.
Places like Pazhamudhir Cholai have thrown away small plastic bags they use to isolate vegetables for their customers.
However, they will still give you plastic bags if you don\'t have your own bags.
The only difference before was free and now you pay.
But is it really a deterrent to use plastic?
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