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by:Yucai     2020-01-10
New Delhi: The ban on plastic bags will eventually be implemented in the city in November 23, but only plastic bags will be banned for the time being.
The injunction notified on October states that no one shall manufacture, import, store, sell or transport any type of plastic bag in the territory of the capital (NCT)of Delhi.
It states that no one, including the owner, vendor, wholesaler, retailer, trader and vendor, shall sell, store or use any type of plastic tote bag to store or distribute food or non-food items
Edible goods or materials.
However, in the absence of a viable alternative, government officials said they could not suppress the packaging material and could only start with lifting the bag.
\"Nothing could change overnight, but this time we hope the ban will be more effective.
\"More and more institutions are being attracted to conducting raids, and we will start by taking large stores and stores as examples to prevent others from using these bags,\" said an official from the Ministry of Environment . \".
Plastic bag manufacturing in the capital will also stop completely from Friday.
\"This is an area where we don\'t allow any leniency.
\"The manufacturer has raised this issue with the court, but so far there are no instructions, and we will proceed according to our law,\" the official said . \".
This is the second effort by the Delhi government to ban plastic bags.
In its first attempt in 2009, it failed to have any impact on the use of plastic bags, as monitoring has been the only headache for the Delhi Pollution Control Commission.
\"The department still lacks manpower, which is why more institutions are attracted.
Certain segments like large stores will also be monitored first.
\"Our idea is not to imprison or fine, and we don\'t want the law to be a tool for harassment by small vendors and shopkeepers,\" said a government official . \".
Earlier versions of the ban suggest that plastic bags, including packaging materials, are not allowed.
This includes garbage disposal bags, handbags without handles, and plastic bags used by grocery stores to store spices and beans.
Given the absence of a clear alternative, the government will meet with stakeholders to decide on the implementation of the ban.
Abdul Qureshi, a meat seller at Lakshmi Nagar, said: \"We have changed to bags without handles to sell meat, but are still not sure if this is allowed . \".
People like Bhim Singh who run small dhaba in East Germany have turned to plastic containers.
\"The price is a little more expensive, but so far we have no need to raise the price.
\"In the long run, we may have to consider this option,\" he said . \".
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