plastic bags outlast proposed county ban

by:Yucai     2019-12-24
Los Angeles County regulators on Tuesday abandoned the threat of banning plastic shopping and grocery bags, which environmental experts say are neither beautiful nor destructive.
Instead, officials chose the weakest of the five options recommended by county executives: a volunteer program that lets supermarkets and shopkeepers guide customers to pack the purchased items in reusable containers
The operation is very large.
A year ago, when regulators ordered county lawyers to study and draft a ban on
Like San Francisco, bags can be recycled completely.
But their actions on Tuesday are only the latest examples of how regulators sometimes react when faced with difficult problems: making strong comments at the beginning, then conducting long-term research, and then weakening or putting on hold
\"If you take nine months to negotiate something [
The original position is flat.
In addition to the bag, it continues to be cut and cut, you will basically be killed by thousands of cuts, and in the end, have you solved the environmental problem?
Mark Gold, president of healing Bay, said.
After a landmark ban in San Francisco, regulators tried to pass the policy, arguing that 6 billion plastic bags in the county were harming marine life and the garbage community.
\"When you hear this bold statement from the board, we will certainly work with them,\" Gold said . \".
\"It\'s the dawn of a new day. \"But the 90-
With the addition of grocery stores and retailers, the day study that regulators promised in April 2007 was extended to nine months.
By July, California grocers began.
Alibaba, which represents 500 retailers in California and Nevada, has hired a lobbying firm.
The record shows that as of December, the group had paid more than $33,000 to Rose & Kindel.
In fact, with the preparation of county administrators to seek only voluntary measures, finally
A minute amendment was proposed a few days before the vote on Tuesday, further lowering the threshold for grocery stores and retailers.
Final product approved by Supervisor: only if the use of bags in unregistered Los Angeles County has not decreased by at least 30% by July 2010 and at least 65% by July 2013 will the ban be passed.
Some executives said on Tuesday it was the best compromise reached on a stage full of enthusiastic opinions and alternatives that would cost businesses millions of dollars.
\"Fortunately, democracy is the art of compromise,\" said Zev Yaroslavsky, director . \" He voted against the amendment along with director Gloria Molina.
\"Politically, this situation is not conducive to the ban.
So we tried to get the next best thing.
\"Tuesday is not the first time a compromise has led to a weakening or killing plan.
In April 2006, regulators chanted $100.
Million plans to open homeless shelters in five regions to provide one
Short stay--
Many of them are in the slums of downtown Los Angeles. -
Access to medical and social services.
\"It should be recognized: it\'s an absolutely historic investment in Los Angeles County,\" Yaroslavski told The Times nearly two years ago.
\"We have some political momentum to act on this. . .
This may be an opportunity that will not pass us again.
But 18 months later, pressure from cities unwilling to accept shelters tore the plan apart.
Local officials are concerned that the plan will only transfer the problem of homeless people to their communities.
\"They are drawn to NIMBYism and some tough rhetoric from regional municipalities,\" said Orlando Ward, director of public affairs for the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles.
\"I know this example is when the country is truly united and says, \'You know, we have the worst homelessness problem in the country and it\'s time to show some real leadership, say we will do the right thing no matter what the political blow
We may be back. \"Ward said.
On the other hand, in last March, after a series of outbreaks in restaurant and catering activities, regulators called on employees in all 25,000 restaurants in the county to receive mandatory hepatitis vaccinations.
While county managers warned that the policy would be a huge undertaking that could involve more than 100,000 food workers, regulators continued to announce it.
\"We need to make sure that the people involved in the handling of the food are safe and healthy,\" Mike kirkovich, the supervisor, announced at the time . \".
\"The public is vulnerable.
Two months later, a county health report concluded that regulators lacked the power to demand vaccinations.
In May 2007, regulators proposed banning restaurants and shops in unincorporated areas of the county from using environment-damaging foam food containers.
Supervisor B.
Burke and Molina ordered county officials to study the possibility of removing polystyrene containers from county buildings and to ban them from entering food
Services and retail stores.
A spokesman for Burke said the study was still under way.
In the county landfill, polystyrene does not break down, just like plastic bags, Wood clo drains, and waste on the side of the road.
A month before the announcement, the plastic food service packaging group hired the same company used by the grocery store Association to lobby against the measure.
As of September 2007, county records showed that the company spent $65,500 trying to influence the county\'s policies.
Burke said on Tuesday that setting the threshold high at the time of legislation was part of her strategy.
\"If you don\'t set your goals high, you will never have anything to achieve,\" she said . \".
\"Others would rather wait a few years until they reach their goals.
\"Others say public policy should be compromised in a diverse country like Los Angeles. \"I think [supervisors]
That means OK, \"said Bob Stern, chairman of the Los Angeles government research center.
\"But sometimes the reality of life forces them to accept less than they want. \"--jp. renaud@latimes. com--
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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors calls for a voluntary program to reduce non-
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When they use recyclable bags, a rebate of 5 cents per bag.
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