plastic bag tax creates more rubbish as supermarkets hand out a billion ‘bags for life’ each year

by:Yucai     2020-02-06
With more than a billion plastic \"life bags\" being distributed each year, the plastic bag tax is making more garbage.
The amount of plastic is almost twice as much as the amount of long-lasting bags
Destroy the goal of reducing waste 1.
18 billion bags were distributed last year.
Bags for life should be used multiple times, but the numbers indicate that people use them as a singleuse carriers.
Last year, 44 new bags were used in ordinary family life.
According to the charity environmental survey: Richard Walker, Iceland\'s joint general manager, acknowledged that the change increased the amount of plastic used.
He explained: \"I\'m not proud of this because, apart from the headline I just deleted a billion singles --
Using hand bags in circulation, these bags are thicker and higher grade plastic.
\"We sell less, but from the extra weight, we sell less bags, which is not enough.
\"So even though I have eliminated the 5 p tote bag, I have not reduced the total amount of plastic weight yet.
\"5 p bag sales at the top ten retailers in the UK fell about fifth last year to 1. 2 billion.
Sarah Baohe, a senior marine activist at the Environmental Investigation Agency, said the supermarket is destroying the success of a 5 p single charge
Life is too cheap to sell bags.
She pushed for the sale of the bags for £ 1, saying the term \"lifetime bag\" could be misleading.
She added: \"The price of the bag has risen sharply, or the sale of the single has ended
Full use of bags should be the next step in reducing plasticbag usage.
\"In the face of the global plastic pollution crisis, supermarkets must go beyond these minimum measures to fundamentally rethink the use of a single
Use plastic in the supply chain.
\"Environment Minister Michael Gove proposed to increase the mandatory charge for thin bags from 5 p to 10 p and to expand to thousands of small shops, which can currently be given plastic bags.
However, he did not intend to take any action on luggage for life.
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