plastic bag maker goes bust \'due to 5p charge\'

by:Yucai     2020-01-18
The UK charge 5 p for plastic bags has been blamed for the start of management by a packaging company.
At the Nelson packaging plant in Lancashire, 40 workers were laid off.
Michael Flynn, general manager, said this was mainly due to \"UK luggage legislation and the corresponding impact on the needs of customers and retailers \".
He also blamed \"fierce competition overseas \".
In October, the United Kingdom began to charge 5 p for luggage, followed by fees for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
A worker told BBC Lancashire radio that they thought the legislation had a \"slight but not huge impact\" on the business, which has been in operation since 1975 and is being
The packaging company Intelipac was established three years ago.
Union representative Robert Copeland, who has been working for the company since 1986, said employees were told last Wednesday that they had been laid off and told to leave the factory immediately.
\"It\'s daunting because I don\'t have interview skills.
I\'m 49 and I have to get into a new working environment now and start over. It is scary.
\"When I started working, I was 19 ,. . . . . . You see the children of people who have been working with you for 30 years, so you have parents and children [at the factory].
\"The activists believe that plastic bags can destroy the streets, the countryside and wildlife, the sea and the coastline.
Wales was the first UK country to offer postage charges, followed by Northern Ireland and Scotland.
A 2015 report found that the number of singles
Since the start of charging in 2011, shopping bags issued by Welsh stores have dropped by 71%.
Scotland and Northern Ireland filed their allegations on 2014 and 2013 respectively, and the use of them also dropped significantly.
The number of plastic bags distributed at Scottish stores decreased by 80%
Equivalent to 0. 65 billion operators
In the first year of 5 p charging.
Similarly, there were 42 people in Northern Ireland in 2014.
After the introduction of the charge, the annual decline of 6%, after a decline of 71%.
Does the cost include all shopping bags?
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