Packaging technology promotes meat industry development

by:Yucai     2019-12-11

In the past 30 years, China's meat food packaging has undergone two major developments. The first time was from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. With the introduction of foreign advanced meat processing equipment and technology, the development of packaged frozen cut meat and Western-style cooked meat products was promoted. The second time was from the last century. Since the early 1990s, the packaging innovation of cooling meat, high temperature ham sausage and Chinese cooked meat products has been represented by small packages.
In the future, develop high-performance, easy-to-handle packaging materials to replace traditional packaging materials, develop and use ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers, polyesters, natural materials, biochemicals and biodegradable plastics, and promote single-layer packaging materials. Become a new topic in the meat food packaging industry.
Development 30-year review Low-level stage Frosty serious appearance
In the first development period of the meat packaging industry from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, the packaging of frozen cut meat and Western-style cooked meat products has been greatly developed.
Freezing and splitting meat is a piece of meat that needs long-term storage or even exported to foreign countries. It is shaped and packaged, and frozen at -25 °C to inhibit microbial activity and maintain meat quality for a long time.
In the early 1980s, foreign advanced packaging and frozen meat equipment and technology were introduced, and the main packaging materials were initially made of single-layer polyethylene bags, and then developed into nylon/polyethylene composite bags in flexible packaging. From the simple single-film plastic packaging bag to the composite bag vacuum packaging, soft film forming vacuum packaging.
At this time, in addition to the domestic vacuum sealing and packaging machine, the meat packaging equipment also introduced the most advanced soft film forming→filling→sealing machine at that time. The packaged products mainly include frozen-packed small-packed leg meat and large Rows, small rows, meat dumplings, etc., play a role in meeting market demand.
But overall, the fresh meat soft packaging at the time was still in a low-level stage, the frosting in the frozen meat bag was serious, the packaging appearance was poor, and the printing and decorating was also rough.
Technological progress Ham cooked meat developed
From the second development in the early 1990s to the present, the meat packaging technology represented by small packages of cooling meat, high temperature ham sausage, and Chinese cooked meat products has been greatly developed.
Cooling the split meat means that the meat after the split processing is packaged for about 20 hours, and the meat temperature is lowered to 4 ° C to strictly control the microbial growth. After packaging, it is directly transported by refrigerated trucks to supermarkets with refrigerated containers. The packaging uses non-toxic, low-temperature, flexible, high-transparency plastic film, and some are also filled with nitrogen and carbon dioxide in a pneumatic packaging to keep the meat bright red.
High temperature ham sausage can be stored for 6 months at room temperature, and the production volume is about half of that of cooked meat products. Because the packaging casing-polyvinylidene chloride film is an intermediate layer composite film, it is welded with high frequency heat sealing. The tube, after filling the meat material, punches at both ends, and then is cooked at 121 ° C, which is basically aseptic, so the storage period is very long.
For a long time, the industrial production and packaging technology of Chinese-style cooked meat products are relatively backward. In the late 1990s, industrial production and packaging were valued, and soft cans, retort pouch packaging and sterilization were widely used.
Soft canned material is mainly composed of PET/AL and CPF. The transparent cooking bag is mainly made of PET/CPP or PA/CPP. Due to the barrier properties of soft cans and good light protection, it can be cured after high temperature sterilization. Store at room temperature for 9-12 months. Compared with glass and metal cans, soft cans are easy to carry and easy to open. They have been widely used in traditional meat and poultry products such as sauce elbow, roast chicken and sauce duck. In addition, some Chinese-style cooked meat products have recently begun to use inflatable packaging.
Major achievements in the industry Fresh-keeping packaging Two films play the leading role
The development of meat products is closely related to the development of packaging technology. The technological innovation of the meat industry requires packaging technology support, and the new packaging technology has also promoted the development of the meat industry. At present, China has been able to produce and supply a variety of different packaging materials and packaging products.

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