Packaging companies must take the road of environmentally friendly production

by:Yucai     2019-12-05

is a new starting point for many industries, many industries will have new development opportunities, and the packaging industry will also usher in a new spring. With the development of science and technology, resources and energy are becoming scarcer, and environmental problems are becoming more and more tense. In the packaging industry, the production of plastic packaging bags should meet the requirements of customers, and better take the road of environmentally friendly production.

The 'Internet' has made the development of some enterprises change the marketing model. More and more products have been pushed onto the big sales platform of the Internet, and more and more products have gone abroad through the Internet. The export volume of products has increased, and the sales model of enterprises is no longer limited to domestic ones. Packaging is required for packaging, and packaging is required.

The market for packaging bags is the leader in sales in the packaging industry in China, the packaging of flour, the packaging and transportation of chemical products, and the export packaging of some special products. In addition, more and more companies are paying attention to foreign markets, and the network sales channels are widening, and the use of packaging bags will increase exponentially.

According to survey data, there are as many as 60,000 plastic packaging bag manufacturers in China, but only 2,000 manufacturers have reached a certain scale, and less than 1,000 manufacturers have obtained certain production certifications. A large number of plastic packaging manufacturers have not met production standards. It turns out that the products of the manufacturers that do not meet the production standards are not competitive.

The future of plastic packaging bags manufacturers is still very difficult, especially in the development of environmental protection in recent years, the government environmental protection departments have severely cracked down on manufacturers that are not legally produced. According to the relevant policy analysis, plastic packaging bag manufacturers only have to take the road of environmentally friendly production. Otherwise, the future development of the company is worrying.

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