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by:Yucai     2020-01-01
Gurgaon: Do you want to do your best for the environment?
Then there is a junk plastic bag, choose a paper towel to pack and store your food. A Gurgaon-
S. -based companies have now made it possible to store food, including milk, in paper towels.
Chemical researchers from Roidec India Chemicals Ltd, a subsidiary of APRA group, have invented a lacquer that, when applied to paper, converts it into the most eco-friendly lacquer
Friendly alternative to plastic.
Although it took them seven years to work out the right formula, they said the performance of the final product was worth it.
Anil Jain, director of Roidec, said: while we started the experiment to develop resin alternatives, we quickly realized that we also wanted to find plastic alternatives.
It took us about seven years, more than 15 rupees, before we said Eureka, but we are happy that we were able to develop this at the right time.
Paint, called Roithane HSL-X-
23. it\'s a natural oil.
Based on water compounds, it has the properties of making any form of paper tough, moisture-proof and heat-sealed.
Chemical, it has an excessive
All migration restrictions for 0.
The Food and Drug Administration has announced that 002 mg per square meter is completely safe relative to the allowable migration limit of 10 mg per square meter.
Jain said that the traditional VMCH resin (PVC polymer)
Products currently used for packaging gutkha and pan masala are 80-PVC content 85%.
PVC is one of the most toxic in plastic, which releases a large amount of toxic waste in the environment.
Even for packaging made of paper, hot sealing of edges is done using VMCH.
The advantage of our lacquerware is that it is completely hot-sealed and does not need to use any VMCH anywhere in the package.
With the Supreme Court banning the sale of plastic bags and sachets, inventors have begun to contact manufacturers and traders to urge them to use this lacquer
Coating packaging as a plastic replacement.
As the FDA reports that this package is suitable for storage at room temperature and under cold and quick freezing conditions, the response is good.
Our first batch of 400 kg kilograms of packaging materials was launched on Saturday.
We have other orders as well, but we want to be slower now.
Although we originally planned to produce about 1,000 tons of packaging materials, we will gradually increase production capacity.
So far, we have applied for patents for our products worldwide and are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)
Officials on April 20.
Anumod Sharma, MD of APRA Group, said that once we receive their thumbs up, we can officially claim that our product is a replacement for plastic.
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