new york’s city council bags plastic bags

by:Yucai     2019-12-23
This is a terrible statistic: Americans are estimated to use 84 billion plastic bags a year. These bags —
Which grocery stores can double quickly-a huge environmental burden.
Grocery took a few minutes in the bag and transferred from the checkout counter to the car.
These bags are then often spent several years on waterways where they suffocate marine life;
Hanging on a tree like a small parachute;
Or on the street where they blocked the grille.
For a website that details some of the environmental hazards of plastic bags, please see here.
It is estimated that plastic bags now account for 3% of waste logistics.
This percentage is rising.
However, this can be reduced by effective recycling.
Some cities already have such projects, but none of them are as comprehensive as the measures passed by the New York City Council today.
This will require at least 5,000 square feet of shops or stores in chains with more than five locations in the city to recycle plastic bags.
Given the size of the New York market, which uses about 1 billion plastic bags a year, the task is huge.
The law may come into effect in early summer.
What will these bags look like?
They can find new life in durable composite wood, as used on decks and boardwalk.
Or you can make them into more plastic bags.
Unlimited recycling.
Better yet, the new law may just encourage people to give up plastic and carry their own reusable bags to shop and do housework.
After all, from an environmental point of view, \"Paper or Plastic? ” is “Neither.
\"Comments are no longer accepted.
Paper bags can be an option in the suburbs, as you said, bags are available from shops to cars.
But in Manhattan, almost everyone takes the groceries home and the processing is a must.
Thousands of Manhattan people have recycled plastic bags from grocery stores and used them as garbage bags.
\"It\'s a terrible statistic: it\'s estimated that Americans use 84 billion plastic bags a year.
\"I don\'t feel scared at all.
It seems that the editorial board has been influenced by the \"world view\" from the Ninth Avenue.
See what San Francisco has done: \"[T]
His board of supervisors . . . . . . Class [ed]non-
Biodegradable plastic bags in large grocery stores and pharmacies.
The regulation, considered the first such regulation in the country, will remove standard plastic bags from supermarkets and pharmacies with annual sales of more than $2 million.
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