new world, pak\'nsave, liquorland and others to ban plastic bags from 2019

by:Yucai     2020-01-07
The food war on plastic bags went further and today announced that all its retail and wholesale brands will no longer provide plastic bags starting from January 1, 2019.
By the end of 2018, this shift will see plastic bags being taken from New World, Parker province, square four, Raeward Fresh, Gilmours, Trents, Henry\'s and on-site conveniences
The transition to Liquorland will take longer and food companies are expected to pull all plastic bags away by the end of next February.
Food general manager Steve Anderson says he sees this as an important step in taking care of \"our patch for the next few centuries. \"The plastic-
Package ban, where we improve and remove the work of plastic packaging, he said: \"Our leadership in soft plastic recycling, and the ban on beads and plastic cotton buds-these are major changes in the way we look after New Zealand. \".
\"Since we started the conversation, we have seen plastic prices drop by 20 to 36 cents --
The use of bags in our store-but by January 1 this change will cause more than 0. 35 billion plastic bags to be removed from circulation.
\"The new world of Devonport and the four squares of lahlgren, Matakana and Martinborough have all become plastic --
Bags are already free and other stores will follow up soon.
From August 29, the New World store in parknster in Warwick, Marton and Silverdale will become a plastic storefree.
Food helps customers prepare for change by pushing the adoption of reusable bags.
Anderson said: \"From October 1, all customers in the new world, Pakistan and four squares can look forward to seeing people pay more and more attention to reusable bags and have more options for the upcoming
\"By the end of next March, we will present a reusable bag to almost every New Zealander.
\"The campaign against plastic bags has gained momentum over the past year, and with the countdown, both The Warehouse Group and the Briscoe Group have taken steps to limit the impact of individual plastic bags
Use plastic bags.
Countdown announced on July 30, will gradually eliminate single
Since August 13, shopping bags have been used in 42 other stores across the country.
This move means that nearly three Countdown supermarkets across the country will replace reusable bags, including all stores in Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson and Blenheim.
\"We are listening to New Zealanders growing concerns about plastic pollution,\" said Kiri Hannifin, managing director of Countdown corporate affairs . \".
\"Small changes can make a huge difference, which is why we are moving quickly to deliver on the promise to cancel our single --
The use of plastic handbags, in our business scope, to minimize the use of unnecessary plastics.
\"In addition to removing plastic bags, the countdown is also taking steps to remove other plastic from the supermarket.
\"So far this year, we have removed plastic packaging from bananas and announced that we will remove individual
Use a plastic straw before October 1 and are committed to bringing our
Selling baked goods in New Zealand
\"RPET is made from domestic plastic waste on land,\" said hannyfin . \".
There is also movement across ditches, but this change is not always accepted by customers.
This week, as customers were frustrated by the inconvenience of not being able to use plastic bags, Australian supermarket company Coles announced support for its policy and said it would provide reusable plastic bags indefinitely, because customers find it difficult to remember their reusable plastic bags.
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