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by:Yucai     2020-02-07
PANAJI: joint Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)
The meaning of the plastic tote bag was redefined to exclude the materials used to pack the goods, which were sealed before use.
The ministry has proposed amendments to plastic waste (
Management and processing)
Rule 2011 will take effect in two weeks and ask citizens to make objections or suggestions within the time limit.
Under the amendment, a handbag means a bag made of any plastic material for the transportation or distribution of goods, but does not include a bag that constitutes or constitutes an integral part of the package, before use, the goods in these bags are sealed.
This definition is acceptable, said environmental activists, because the inclusion of other types of plastic material in the definition of the tote bag would make it difficult for authorities to implement the rules.
In the case of packaging, it now means multi-layer plastic bags or sachet.
Bags or small bags are bags or small bags that have at least one layer of plastic combined with one or more layers of packaging materials (such as paper, cardboard, metal layers or aluminum foil), or in the form of laminated materials, either in the form of a composite
Extrusion structure.
The definition of \"Manfuacturer\" has also been changed to anyone who makes plastic bags or the brand owner who uses them.
In the case of multi-layer plastic bags or sachets or similar materials, it includes manufacturers, brand owners and/or importers who introduce products in the market.
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