michael gove’s anti-plastic crackdown could see the price of pop bottles rise

by:Yucai     2020-01-11
The British may face higher fees for their favorite bottle of pop music.
Experts warned against plastic products.
Michael Gove will announce a new proposal today to promote recycling
Including plans to impose new taxes on plastic packaging producers that do not contain recycled materials.
The minister of environment also made suggestions to introduce a deposit return plan for bottles and weekly collection of food waste.
While he is also consulting plans to end the postal code lottery recycling and make sure collections are the same across the country.
Ministers say the reforms will reduce the alarming rate of plastic that is still being sent to landfill sites.
But Kate Andrews, from the free market of the International Energy Agency, believes
Tank told The Sun that the plastic packaging tax could backfire and push up costs like the sugar tax.
\"While taxes may be for employers or producers, they are usually for workers and consumers,\" she said.
\"It is estimated that more than half of the corporate tax comes from the wages of the workers, while the sugar tax --
It was sold as a tax on producers.
Increased the price of many carbonated drinks at the checkout counter.
\"Based on the evidence, we should assume that consumers will at least pay the green tax on plastic packaging in part, if not most.
\"It\'s a worthwhile undertaking to deal with plastic waste, but as the tax burden increases,
For 50 years, we should be honest with people about where the cost has fallen.
\"Under the plastic packaging tax, the producer must pay the full cost of recycling the waste.
Mr. Gove said: \"We are committed to further accelerating the pace of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and reduction.
\"That\'s why we\'re leading the way out of throwing-
Keep away from the society and promote domestic recycling.
Chancellor Philip Hammond said: \"Plastic packaging consists of two parts
The third of all plastic waste that pollutes the country and causes serious damage to our environment.
\"It is our responsibility to take some steps on this, which is why we will impose a new tax on plastic packaging producers that do not use enough recycled materials.
At the same time, the study of the Sun shows that Labor
The amount of household waste sent by the management committee for reuse, recycling or composting is less than half of its conservative amount --
Run peers in the past year.
Analysis of Conservative headquarters found Conservative
The management committee reuses, recycles or compost 111,841 tons of domestic waste. Labour-
The council only reused, recycled or compost 55,525 tons. Got a story?
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