manitoba town stuffs the plastic bag

by:Yucai     2019-12-28
In April 2, a small town of just 539 people in northern Manitoba, Ye rapids, will become the first city in North America to ban plastic bags.
Plastic bags are cheap and practical.
They protect goods in bad weather and become critical to dogs
Walkers, they have to keep the streets and parks free of pet waste.
But plastic bags are also a big problem. The U. S.
Use-including certain other types of plastic packaging-about 380 billion per year, about three per day for every man, woman and child in the country.
The proportion of recycling is less than 5.
Plastic bags are estimated to take 1,000 years to dissolve.
Plastic bags are often used as garbage in parks, alleys and streets.
They clog the sewers, endanger pets, get stuck in the trees and ruin the landscape.
They blew water into the water.
Every one is expensive. renewable oil.
Should these bags be banned? We think not.
However, there are many things that can be done to reduce the negative impact of this useful invention.
In Quebec, some retail chains are phasing out plastic bags.
Nowadays, people often ask you when you make small purchases: \"Do you need a bag ? \"? \" Metro Inc.
Grocery store offers 5-
Every reusable bag brought by the customer has a US rebate.
Some grocery stores offer a choice of plastic bags and paper bags.
Here\'s how Daniel Imhoff, a writer published by the Sierra Club, describes this choice: paper: \"Do we clean up the forest, grind them into pieces, and then bleach them with chlorine --
Base compounds (
General carcinogensproducts)
Make boxes, bags and-
Mainly for a cup-time use?
\"Plastic:\" Or do we have an agreement with demon hydrocarbons to refine the ancient sun into light, easily compressed bottles, packaging, and foam?
\"Solution for Imhoff: reusable shopping bags.
It helps when stores catch up with the trend.
In the United States this month, Swedish retail giant IKEA began charging 5 cents for plastic bags and selling reusable bags for 59 cents.
The income of plastic bags will be donated tofor-profit tree-Planting efforts.
It is puzzling that Canada has no plans to launch the same initiative.
The environment is everyone\'s business.
If the town of Ye Rapids can have 5,000 reusable bags ready when the ban comes into effect, then the Monterey can also make some efforts.
We all need to develop the habit of leaving a smaller footprint.
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