malacca bans plastic bags

by:Yucai     2019-12-21
Malacca: consumers in Malacca will have to bring their own shopping bags after the state government announced a total ban on plastic bags made from oil.
Starting from Friday, all products from supermarkets and shopping centers.
Previously, there were \"No Plastic Bag Days\" on Friday and Saturday at all shopping sites in Malacca \".
Datuk Md Yunos Husin, president of National Education, Higher Education, Science and technology, green technology and innovation, said all shopping centers and supermarkets will implement the ruling.
\"From January 1, consumers will carry their own shopping bags, or the cashier will provide them with biodegradable bags made from plants --
He said yesterday.
He said the move was a move by the state government to reduce waste, in line with Malacca\'s status as a green technology country.
\"Our landfill and sewers are filled with paper bags, which is not in line with our ambitious plans to be a completely green country,\" he said . \".
Md Yunos said that the plan was completed two years ago and that prior to its implementation, delegates from all shopping malls and supermarkets had discussions.
\"At the same time, it will also encourage factories and manufacturers in the state to reduce plastic packaging materials,\" Md Yunos said . \".
The ruling will also affect vendors and restaurants in the state because they are not allowed to use polystyrene packaging, he said.
Meanwhile, Malacca creatures
Badrul Hisham Badrudin, CEO of technology, said shopping and restaurants would supply biodegradable plastic bags and food containers.
He said the company has been conducting research and development for many years to ensure that the plastic bags and food packages they provide to consumers are environment-friendly.
\"We also recommend that the state government study a mechanism that can reduce the annual operating license fees for vendors using green packaging,\" he said . \".
Badrul said the supply of plastic bags and food packaging is sufficient as the plan turns to environmental protection
Friendly materials were made a few years ago.
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