lawmakers to charge for plastic bag use

by:Yucai     2020-01-28
Plastic bags are very common in our daily life and we hardly notice them.
Despite their ubiquity, some California lawmakers see these bags as a threat, and they want shoppers to pay 25 cents for everything they use to bring home.
The California parliament recently passed a bill that will give retailers three years to reduce the use of one
Time shopping bags for plastic and paper were reduced by 70%.
Starting from 2011, stores that do not meet and maintain the price reduction requirements will charge shoppers £ 25 per bag.
California already has the only plastic bag recycling program in the country. -
Retailers collect old bags in bins-
Some cities, including San Francisco, Auckland and Malibu, have banned them altogether.
China banned plastic bags in January, and Bangladesh banned them since 2002, which may be surprising because neither country is known for its progressive environmental policies.
There are similar fees in Ireland. for-
About 30 cents per pack.
Van Nuys Democratic MP Lloyd Levin, who sponsored the bill, told ABC News that reducing the number of plastic bags would benefit both the environment and the economy.
\"Whether people realize it or not, plastic bags are a huge problem.
In California, we use 19 billion plastic bags a year.
\"To produce so many bags, you need 4,000 barrels of oil,\" he said . \".
Lightweight bags take centuries to degrade.
They end up covered with trees, scattered on the beach and stuck in the drain.
Although manufacturing costs are low, it costs millions of dollars a year to handle the cleanup, Levin said.
The country spent $0. 3 billion cleaning bags-
Get them out of the beach and the rain pipes.
\"Levin, who also introduced the recycle bin law three years ago, said lawmakers and citizens were more aware of the problems posed by plastic bags than at the time.
\"I introduced the recycling bill three years ago, and it was a lot of resistance.
At that time, only about 2% plastic bags were recycled.
Since then we have seen a 100% increase in bag recycling, but that means we only recycle 4% of all bags.
It\'s either an impressive number or depending on how you look at it, there\'s still a lot to do.
He added: \"At the beginning, few lawmakers understood why plastic bags were problematic.
Now, most people understand that this is a problem.
\"Now we have a debate about the solution,\" Levin said . \".
Community activists and environmental activists told ABC News that the problem affected the California community and the world at large.
\"The problem in California is not just aesthetic,\" says Mark Murray, California\'s executive director against waste . \".
\"The coast faces (
Environmental Protection Bureau)
Remove waste from rain.
These communities need to get rid of the source of rain-drained garbage or face anger from the Environmental Protection Agency.
\"Plastic bags have blocked the works and blocked traps and filters to clean up the runoff from the rain before the storm enters the bay and ocean,\" he said . \".
\"The community ended up spending millions of dollars to clean up, and they could spend any money to clean up their luggage.
Murray said: \"It is economically reasonable and reasonable in the environment . \"
Environmental activists say the small satisfaction that plastic bags bring to consumers is not more than the loss they cause to the environment. One-
Thousands of miles off the California coast, the vortex of ocean currents forms a Sea twice the size of Texas, known as the North Pacific Geyer.
Stephanie Barger, executive director of the Earth Resources Foundation, said that Geyer\'s plastic is six times more than plankton, and it is infiltrating the food chain.
\"Not only are there more plastic than plankton, but there is also plastic in plankton, and there is plastic in the fish we eat,\" she said . \".
She said that because the bag itself is difficult to recycle, the use of the bag needs to be reduced.
The cost of 25 cents in California is a small price compared to the cost of cleaning up.
\"You thought the bags were free, but essentially nothing was free.
In 30 minutes of use, we ended up having to destroy the rainforest in Indonesia to get gas, to deal with the political problems in the Middle East to get oil, and then we still face the problem of waiting more than 100, waiting for the bag to break.
\"All Republicans in Congress voted against Levin\'s bill, which still needs to be passed by the Senate and signed by the governor.
Schwarzenegger became law.
Republicans oppose the measure, which will add hundreds of dollars a year to grocery bills when California households already feel pressure from high food and gas prices. \"Hard-
It\'s hard for people working in California to pay record wages.
Food and gas prices remain high;
The last thing they need is to raise taxes, \"Mike Weilin, the Republican leader of Fresno, said in a statement.
\"This bill will force shoppers to pay new taxes on every piece of paper and plastic bag they use at grocery stores, thus hurting families and making grocery bills more expensive.
\"Under the current act, businesses will invest in local environmental projects using the fees charged.
But according to Levine, the clause is the \"holder of the premises\" and the act will be renewed
Written before the Senate vote to ensure community control from 25-cent fees.
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