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by:Yucai     2020-04-16
When you leave home in these fall, a simple coat is essential because it is cold in the morning and at night, but it is very hot during the day.
This temperature difference makes the skin lose its natural \"balance\" and the secretion of sebum increases;
If excess sebum is removed incorrectly, it can cause skin problems.
To prevent this problem, you need to pay special attention to basic skin care.
In particular, you should use a moisturizing and soothing Korean skin care product to get through the season safely. . .
The first step in basic Korean skin care is to use skin toner products such as skin packaging, 7-
Skin, fog, etc.
Skin bag is used like a mask bag after soaking the skin in cotton, 7-
The skin method is to layer Toner several times and absorb it into the skin.
This method is effective for severely dry people
Insufficient oily skin.
It is best to use natural moisturizing toner or Soothing toner that suits your skin type, instead of toner that contains alcohol, which can lead to dryness.
There are many ways to use toner, but the most common thing is to wipe the product with cosmetic cotton after cleansing, following the texture of the skin.
Some products of mi aha, BHA and PHA 30 day miracle toner are good products used as Toner wipes (
Aha, BHA, PHA, 30-day miracle toner).
This product is a toner, but it has multiple uses such as exfoliating, managing pores, replenishing moisture and improving skin tone. . .
The Korean open beauty company has introduced a product that allows you to manage the Kerins with a toner every day.
AHA, BHA and PHA components gently clean the horny and waste accumulated on the skin, normalising the renewal cycle of skin cells and maintaining a radiant healthy skin tone. . .
AHA ingredients remove waste and old horny on the surface of the skin and are very good for pore management and are widely used to shrink the skin with pores.
The BHA component helps to remove blackheads and white heads and make them suitable for sebum
Cosmetics and oily skin.
The PHA component can dissolve the horny and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.
Users may be worried that the formula will dry too quickly after use, but it contains 10,000 of natural tea tree extracts, which improves problems such as skin dryness and skin pulling. . .
The product is also a weak acid toner.
After cleansing, most of the skin is alkaline with detergent.
If you balance it with a weak acid, you can prevent trouble and keep a healthy skin tone.
For information on the use of AHA, BHA and PHA 30 day miracle series products, which are complementary to many toner products, please refer to OpentheBeauty.
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