if we leave iraq, do we lose for good?

by:Yucai     2019-12-15
Each third column will be dedicated to the responses I have collected to reader\'s letters in this mailbox.
Here are the selected letters of the month.
Dear Camille, here\'s what you don\'t understand for you guys who are against the war in Iraq: Iraq is just 60-plus-
We call it the war on terror \".
\"Do you really want to leave Iraq and wait for the enemies and ideologies of the World Trade Center to become stronger, do you not understand or believe what President Bush is saying to the nation?
2001, when he said: \"Our war on terrorism started from al-Qaida, but it did not end. . .
This war will not be the same as other wars.
Americans should not expect a battle, but a long battle, unlike any other battle we have seen. . .
Every country, every region, has to make a decision now.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
From today on, any country that continues to shelter or support terrorism will be treated as a hostile regime by the United States. . .
But as a threat to our way of life, the only way to defeat terrorism is to stop it, eliminate it, and destroy it where it develops. . .
I want you. . .
Be patient in the long struggle.
\"I think I am an independent conservative who still thinks Bush and Chiney are much better than the previous administration and if there is no other reason than they are not profiteers and cheaters, I believe character is
In my opinion, Bush is very honest, loyal, wise and upright.
He did what he said and said what he did and did not waver, which confused his critics.
Bush did not steal 2000 election!
He won every time he counted the ticket.
History will prove that the opposition tried to steal the election but failed.
He\'s not lying about Iraq\'s weapons of mass destruction!
His government inherited an intelligence organization that convinced him of the storage of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and announced a policy of regime change.
Bush is mature, acting responsibly, managing by doing the right thing, following the creed of \"buck stopping here.
\"The last administration was run by opinion polls and acted like\" Buck has never been here.
\"If Bush did not invade Iraq after 9/11, I am sure he will be as irresponsible as the former president.
I don\'t think the Bush administration\'s foreign policy will create more terrorists.
Instead, it reveals them.
I also think a quick retreat from the Middle East is like waiting for 9/11-
Inspired Attacks continue here, and the enemy will use weapons of mass destruction as soon as possible, resulting in greater lethality.
Try to imagine 9/11 nuclear weapons.
If we choose to give up and retreat now, even if we can avoid attacks at home, we will be back in the Middle East in 10 years, facing an enemy that is much stronger and bolder with weapons of mass destruction, life and resources in the United States will be hundreds of times higher than the current level.
In the long run, the victory in the Middle East will come at a much lower price in a slow and deliberate struggle, and should treat us as patiently as Japan, Germany and South Korea for more than 40 years.
James Randall, you made a very strong statement about the terrorist crisis facing Western culture.
Many of my fellow Democrats seem to underestimate the dangers and difficulties of the coming century.
Under the fundamentalist regime sought by radical jihad, the values of Western individualism and freedom of speech will be erased.
When you say we\'re in \"60-plus-
\"I think what you think is the beginning of the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union, allies against Hitler, became the enemy of world influence in the nuclear arms race, cast a terrible shadow on anyone who grows up (as I did)in the 1950s.
As a large entity, the Soviet Union will eventually break up because of its low economic efficiency and uneasy composition of struggling regions and races.
I must admit, I don\'t see your logic to confuse the heavy bureaucratic maze of the Soviet Union with the small, agile, ungovernmental cells that now plague our terrorists ---
Who actually drove the Soviet Union out of the Afghan mountains.
Again, I don\'t agree with you after President Bush
9/11 speech on terrorism
His warning to the world-
\"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists \"--
Perhaps its syntactic symmetry makes ears happy, but it reveals a shocking simplistic interpretation of geopolitics and life itself.
From when, any country-
Even America I like. -
To be the moral dictatorship adjudicator to the authority of President Bush, to offer imperfect advice by incompetent or false subordinates, to divide humanity into those who are with us or with us, why do we demand or enforce this exclusivity and privilege ourselves
The interests take precedence over all others, and this is the overbearing pride that both the Hebrew Bible and the Greek tragedy have warned.
I agree with you that the Republicans did not \"steal\" 2000 presidential election from Gore, and history does prove, the Florida controversy was pre-planned and incited by a group of democratic parties, and most importantly, represented.
Robert Wexler of Florida
It\'s always confusing me why the Republicans are not big-
City Democratic ward from coast to coast.
These things are standard for a long time: we all know John F. Kennedy (
Who am I running for as a teenager)
Thanks to Mayor Richard J. , he won the White House by a narrow margin. Daley\'s hanky-
Pan Ji in Chicago
As for weapons of mass destruction, yes, after more than 1980 years of long-term war between Iraq and Iran, there must be chemical weapons stocks.
But anyone can predict that these weapons will be severely degraded over the next decade, and they will not pose a threat to the US mainland.
Rice\'s sensational pre-
Speculation about the invasion of the \"mushroom cloud\" over American cities began before the horse.
There is little evidence that Saddam Hussein\'s infrastructure is falling apart and is almost able to produce nuclear weapons to targets outside his own dusty garden, let alone deliver them.
President Bush\'s policy is unwavering.
He announced and insisted on the end.
This is a noble proof of character, deep and firm, you may be right.
On the other hand, this may also be a manifestation of rigidity and limitations.
Strategies in war or football should be adaptive and constantly adapt to changing circumstances.
In my opinion, the president has shown terrible judgment in choosing a consultant (
From the vice president)
People who don\'t serve him well.
My lack of confidence in the president\'s ability to manage is based on his strange reluctance to fire anyone, no matter how mediocre he is.
This is not a feature of a strong, competent leader who is called higher career service.
You say my party wants to \"Choose to Fail\" and your party wants to \"win \".
\"Is this our only choice, or is your party stuck in a rhetorical corner because of its polarized victory and failed rhetoric, is it impossible for you to proceed from the fact that I do not think that it is a \"failure\" to protect the lives and wealth of Americans cautiously, but as a wise admission of the principles of reality.
Not all of our desires, hopes and ideals can come true.
This is the human condition.
You said that if we do not stay in Iraq, we will be back there in 10 years.
I think you might be right.
The chaos in Iraq that we are instrumental in helping incite could spread and undermine stability throughout the Middle East ---
Momentum has begun.
By overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the despicable dictator, we have done Iran\'s work conveniently.
Now there is no stop in the fight for power--
Iran is eyeing Shiite territory in Iraq;
Turkey prepares to crush the independence movement of Kurds
Who has been playing America as a fool).
But next time, we want the support of other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia (a corruption-
The devastated regime with close ties with Bush)
They can\'t afford Iraq.
At the same time, the slaughter of our unlucky soldiers and the waste of our billions of dollars in taxes must be stopped.
There is no clear way to define \"victory\" in this stupidity \"---
Trying to jump-
Start Western democracy in a country that does not have a long tradition of our civil law or freedom of speech.
We need to have our troops take a break and send our excessive national guard back to their families.
We must save resources and rethink our global counter-terrorism strategy.
National security must be fundamentally strengthened, especially in our ports.
Emergency evacuation and rescue plans in major cities like New York are still very crude.
Before running other people\'s business, we should take good care of our own business.
I feel very sorry for the Iraqi people who have been tortured by decades of tyranny and fighting.
But frankly, as an opponent of the war, I have no responsibility for them.
They have to solve their problems.
History of sectarian violence.
This is their civil war. let them fight.
American troops are now out of Iraq!
You wrote: \"But do conservatives really think war is the ultimate solution for more than one billion Muslims in the world?
To win, the West must rely on art, culture and persuasion, not on the sword.
\"We don\'t think war is the final solution, but you have to admit that sometimes swords are the only answer.
My love for Klimt, my taste for Miles Davis, and the soaring logic, will not impress the people who cut Nick Berg\'s head.
But I think my m2 40 machine gun might help me with him and other things like that.
I agree with your sober assessment of the Iraq invasion, which is the wrong action taken at the wrong time.
Four years ago, I thought it was a good idea because I expected better and more flexible leadership from the Bush administration.
Know what I know now, I know it\'s stupid.
But the main reason for their failure is not taking into account the second reason. and third-
The sequential effect of intrusion.
I think those people who need to be close
The withdrawal from Iraq has made the same mistake.
Yes, the war is fueling the opposition. U. S.
It may have created thousands of terrorists.
But just because we left Iraq doesn\'t mean they won\'t hate us anymore.
For good or bad, we must stick to it until the country is stable, peaceful and functioning under some representative government.
It may take us a few years to achieve some success in the fight against the insurgency, and at least it will take us a few years to finally stabilize Iraq.
It may take ten more years for us to exist.
It will be expensive in terms of life and resources.
But we can\'t afford an alternative.
If Afghanistan and Somalia become a breeding ground for terrorism after our participation, then in such a large country, the enemy will become more deadly. as Iraq, the population is large, convenient transportation, Iraqis themselves can afford to let 50 million people live alone after we destroy their society, if they hate us forever after the war, you will be messed up by the Pentagon and the White House.
But part of the reason for this confusion is that they want to avoid long-term conflict because they understand that Americans need to solve every problem quickly and easily.
Inspiring leadership can address this need, but we obviously lack it at the moment.
I think the army now recognizes that this is a typical rebellion and we have to deploy more troops on the ground to defeat it.
If we hold on, if we refuse to blink (
As your other respondents said)
We can or may win.
For Iraqis, for the region and for the West, failure will be much more expensive than another decade in miso.
I like your column very much because you force me to answer the tricky questions about my ideas and you always stay awake --
Answer to your critics with ideas.
And you\'re usually fun! Ryan A.
1996 Iraq Edwards usma class February 2005-
On April 2006, Columbus, Ohio, thank you very much for your thoughtful letter and most importantly for your service in Iraq.
No matter how different we think about the wisdom of Iraq\'s invasion, all Americans owe a heavy debt to men and women who voluntarily defend our freedom.
I certainly agree that there is absolutely a need for force against real terrorists.
As a supporter of the death penalty, I would like to commend the execution of any and all those who committed atrocities on the ground or after trial.
However, in calling for the persuasion of art and culture, I talked about the bigger task ahead of us: how can we convince the descendants of young Muslims, the West is not a great Satan who must be destroyed by any means necessary, without a limited group of \"bad guys (
Young Bush administration
Who can be identified and deleted.
Many Muslims are cautious or wobbling about their compassion;
Let us guard against the hostility of bringing contradictions to the public.
No matter who hates us, I don\'t care.
The real problem is that when hatred moves into the next step of active terrorism.
I am not as optimistic as you are about the possibility that Iraq will become \"stable, peaceful and functioning under some representative government\" even in the next decade.
\"There are too many elves in the box.
In addition to the shocking and unbearable costs, long-
The US occupation of Muslim countries is a serious offence to billions of people around the world.
Our presence there has no reason but to avoid a series of \"if\" and to avoid the appearance of retreat.
Hypothesis and appearance: are they worth the death of one more American soldier? It is a pleasure that our soldiers are willing to fight for your rights, no matter what you like.
People like you don\'t want America. S. to win.
You might like Karl Marx.
You are a left-winger.
Yes, freedom of speech is a great gift for American culture.
But given how many articles I \'ve written about politics in the last 17 years, I feel it\'s amazing to put it in the vague category of blame \"people like you.
\"Do you really see the world split out of the middle like a roast chicken? Between those who want America to win and those who don\'t want America to win, there is no historical example of any serious political or military error, these mistakes are your thinking and weighing on the current events that the war in Iraq must be a Marxist, otherwise the radical left will seriously harm the political dialogue in the United States.
As far as I am concerned, this is clearly based on ignorance of my practical point of view.
While I voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 general election, I am a liberal Democrat, and I am often vilified by other Democrats because I think for myself, refuse to speak the cliché of the party line.
I am not a Marxist, I commend capitalism for producing modern liberated women, etc.
Marx is an important political theorist, but the use of his ideas in real society is usually disastrous.
The automatic political stereotypes shown in your letter have been prevalent in Republicans and Democrats for ten years.
It exacerbated the process and caused Congress to become paralyzed.
The intense partisan battle made many cable talk shows almost impossible to watch.
Some Democrats want to blame talk radio for this bad development. But as a long-
I request a time fan who does not agree with this media.
The main talk show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean hanniti, are dynamic characters who balance attack and contempt with humor and creative improvisation.
Democratic Senator debate on restoring the principle of fairness (
Design political balance in broadcasting)
Should applaud every defender of freedom of speech
Talk radio is an art form, like any other type of entertainment: Liberals have to learn and master it and build an audience from bottom to top.
My husband Donald Neil was killed on March 8 at an ammunition supply point outside Najaf.
He was a private contractor where he destroyed a large amount of ammunition that Saddam had purchased from oil revenues.
Clearly, that\'s how Saddam Hussein won respect in the outside world.
My husband is one of the contractors and, with the sponsorship of Burton, got the ridiculous amount from the government treasury.
My first comment on your column is simple, \"How can these politicians learn anything from the consequences of the Vietnam War,\" and most of these political hackers are legitimately avoiding the draft so that (
Because this is such a subtle wording)
\"Maintain their political viability.
\"This is not a huge incompetence, but a deliberate move to enrich the trust.
I don\'t believe it\'s Mr. Bush\'s intent.
I think he believes that. minded crap.
It is clear that thinking and dealing with complex concepts in tonality is not Bush\'s strength.
The only incompetent in this regard is the president.
You know, when my husband does something that I think is good for world security, there are more than 100,000 contractors in Iraq, where most contractors are either truck drivers or security guards.
Some truck drivers have begun to talk about how they were ordered to drive empty trucks across the desert in dangerous areas, so that Harry Burton can make his order on the trip.
Safety in black water (
An Octopus company with a deep foundation in Republican Washington is largely linked to Bush\'s mercenaries)
Are suing survivors of the four contractors who were slaughtered and then dragged across the street to try to prevent them from reaching out to real stories about what happened to their loved ones.
I was not told what happened to my husband (
We have two children).
But the truth is, it\'s all about enriching the war profiteers, I\'m sure (
Sounds like you)
Dick Cheney proposed the plan.
As a holy crusade, we sold it to our stupid commander-in-chief.
The real reason why we can\'t take the troops home is because they are cheap labor to protect the harburton gravy train.
Think about it, look at the profits of the past five years.
In all of this, it is an evil shame that the company has now moved its corporate headquarters overseas to avoid paying taxes on its obscene profits ---
In Cheney\'s blind trust, there is likely to be a considerable proportion of trust.
My question is: where is \"free media? They should take the army home and win the Pulitzer Prize and overthrow the government if someone can put these things together like I did.
This is not rocket science. -
It\'s corruption, so it\'s disgusting to \"be in front of you.
Where is Woodward? Where\'s Cynthia Neil? I express my condolences for the death of your husband.
Of course, you and your family should fully explain the situation of this tragic incident.
According to the investigative reporter T.
Christian Miller, NPR interviewed last week, the number of private contractors in Iraq (180,000)
It has now surpassed the American army.
He is the author of a devastating article, hard-earned money: wasting billions of dollars, losing lives and corporate greed in Iraq.
\"While future historians will not paint a beautiful picture of Harry Burton, we should remember that the Clinton administration is also closely related to Harry Burton.
I agree with you, President Bush is basically fine.
Motivated but ill.
Approve the proposal to invade Iraq.
I think of Vice President Cheney. whom I loathe)
Rather than being a greedy tycoon, he is a rigid theorist because he shows no signs of sybaritic materialism. But your hard-
This letter made me re-evaluate my position: the accumulation of wealth for my own benefit may be Cheney\'s strange abnormal behavior, and Dante will design a special little torture for his hell.
I\'m sitting in an undisclosed place in the furnace of Nature (Middle East)
I have noticed that the soldiers are not at all interested in learning the culture and language of the people here.
After learning Hebrew, Spanish and Greek to varying degrees of fluency, I feel that one of the most diverse countries in the world --
There are some of the most ignorant citizens in the United States.
Is my arrow off the mark or do you notice that too, T.
What the Kuwaiti soldiers are most interested in is getting your email
Mail from Kuwaitswa. army. mil domain.
It is frustrating to hear that our troops lack cultural preparation or training in the Middle East, but not surprising.
In the Bush administration, ignorance and lack of curiosity really started at the top.
While many of our soldiers have made great progress in winning the trust of the people in Iraq\'s relatively calm areas, other places have become less interested in dialogue due to imminent risks.
But for those stationed in Kuwait, the excuse would not work.
You are perfectly right to complain about the lack of language skills in the average American population.
Europeans have heard a lot of languages since they were young, because of geographical reasons: in a country that is sometimes as big as a small country, it is a survival skill.
Americans in the border states usually get a basic Spanish facility.
Besides, English is Wang here (
Maybe right).
As the current international common language, American tourists abroad will automatically look forward to its arrival.
As a subject, language teaching is also a true academic carrier of multi-culture, which obviously needs to be expanded in American primary schools.
In a letter to you, Daniel helming claimed that President Bush was \"in an upward moving Texas suburb from high school \". \" George W.
Born and raised in Midland, Texas.
Where did I grow up too);
He studied in San Jacinto Junior High School.
I also attended about 10 years later)
Then moved to Houston, a prep school in Houston, I believe.
His family has been deeply rooted in Midland since George H. W.
Settled there and made millions. George W.
Our accent, attitude and values are really 100%. It is a right-
When the rest of the state is a staunch Democrat, Yongcheng and vote for Republicans. To me George W.
The guys kicked off at the Midland Oil Club and said \"we have to get rid of high taxes\" and \"too many welfare queens\", \"we have to get the government out of support for US \".
\"He is an invisible candidate for these values, fooling many Americans into thinking that he must be the aristocratic\" moderate \"on the East Coast like his father \".
I know his type very well. -
Jokingly, the Texas Brotherhood rat, has a despicable character that matures into a small-town country-
Republicans in the club won a row.
Except for this president. -
Washington people like David broad still like him!
Tom Moody, I thank you very much for your keen observation of Midland\'s feelings and attitudes.
As an independent person born in northern New York (
Away from the universe in Manhattan)
I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of American nationalism.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the impeachment of the president and vice president.
Although there are many impeachment offences, including violations of practical laws such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the War Crimes Act of 1996N.
Convention on Torture and the Geneva Convention (
According to the Constitution, the treaty is \"the law of land \")
And constitutional abuse, such as by signing a statement that violates the stated provisions of the Constitution, this incompetent Congress is still afraid of I-word.
At the same time, the government remains \"unwilling\" to comply with the summons.
At present, 79 villages and towns have passed impeachment resolutions, and the legislative bodies of 11 states have considered such measures.
Congress has seven bills to impeach Cheney. sponsors.
But the mainstream media will not touch the topic.
It\'s as if they\'re accepting Nancy Pelosi\'s statement that Congress should also put impeachment on the agenda.
Lisa Moscatello, though I \'d love to have Congress nail Dick Cheney on the wall (
Like his flea.
Trophy hunting)
I just don\'t see any convincing impeachment evidence for him or George Bush.
Yes, there is a lot of misconduct, but it seems to me that none of them will necessarily lead to convictions and stepping down so far.
Whether Democrats like it or not, Bush is officially elected president with considerable freedom (
Including pardon)in that role.
On top of that, I think the impeachment scenario is a distracting fantasy that could lose Democrats in the next election.
Congress will not be favored by the public (
Has bottomed out in the polls)
Linked to endless investigations and trials.
Democrats should focus on creating a winning campaign strategy for 2008.
Indulging in the past, especially through the maddening little things that a group of lawyers will bring to the project, is a dead end.
I \'ve just read your article, including a hard attack on Newt Gingrich.
I have been reading his thoughts for about two years and have not found any instability in his or his thoughts.
He is on a stable track in developing solutions to American problems.
As far as I know, he is not eligible for \"run down.
He also paid a prepaid legal fee.
Is there any legal scandal related to him? The only problem is the situation with his girlfriend/wife.
I don\'t know the details, but it does go in the cheesy direction.
He is a very smart person and has a good view of the American issue.
Could you please change your liberal point of view and look at his speech on the website of the American Business Association on June 8.
Donald Salisbury began drifting after the Republican Party took over Congress in 1994 for a dizzying success.
It was his Republicans who found his management unstable, not his Democrats.
Gingrich said it well.
In fact, that\'s basically what he did. -talk.
Gingrich was unable to consolidate the Republican Party\'s strength, and he was eventually demoted as the Republican leader.
His lack of management skills and consistency will make his choice as a presidential candidate very bad.
Yes, there are unpleasant reports about Gingrich\'s ruthless behavior against his predecessor.
But that\'s not why I called him seedy.
Description of his damp appearance and changing bodyeyed manner).
I watched him for several years. after listening to him, I felt that he was a thinker without depth. The main function of talking about a bright but incoherent \"idea\" is to promote their recognized talents.
He is affectionate, affectionate, and precocious puberty.
I like eloquence, but I despise the tongue. -
In a politician or professor.
However, if you find excitement and value in Gingrich\'s writings and speeches, then nothing I say should discourage you!
I\'m reading your article about Al Gore and I think you might like a picture I took a while ago.
It\'s on my website.
Paul atlushenko in Sydney, Australia is amazing!
I suddenly laughed at myself.
Prophesied the deification of that terrible pulpit --
Pounding slammed and wanted to be the pastor of the priest. Al Gore.
I am a nuclear engineer with 25 years of experience in nuclear operations, design and computing.
I am very proficient in atmospheric computer modeling (radio-
Decay and diffusion of the release components of radionuclides is one of my bailiffs).
Based on similar parameters found on Mars, I fully believe that the Earth is in the sun-
The trend of warming.
I also think, \"Run, Al, \"running from the Democratic Party\'s main backcountry\" reflects the suspicion that their holy candidate has little chance of defeating Republicans who \"I can bomb Iran with three notes.
I saw all sorts of temptations from Big Al graffiti in the bar bathroom to the noble Nobel prize committee. Now on to Al (
Economically convenient lies)
Gore and he hijacked an unsolved scientific problem for his political purposes.
I believe in his stupidity.
With America. N.
Statement science has been resolved)
In the near future, I will clean the stone board on the left.
Our dear wing candidate who left Mother Earth ---
Most of them were embarrassed and ridiculed for pranks and attempts to further control industry and hard
Get capital through carbon dioxide penalties.
Of course, the more lies there, the more obvious, the greater the glory, except in corkville.
Very sad to see one of these two parties-
The political party system quickly moved to nearby areas.
Now let me introduce you to the skewers that may kill carbon dioxide piglets running on amok: First of all, there is logic: 95% of the greenhouse gases on Earth are ethereal substances called H2O
Look out the window-
You might see a little bit of it.
Without it, the Earth would be a warm zero f (
Skating a lot).
Of the remaining 5% greenhouse gases, there are 4.
5% is attributed to co2. Of this 4.
5%, only 0.
3% is caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, trimming Gore\'s lawn, and hiccups.
The remaining 4
2% of carbon dioxide comes from the Earth itself. If 0.
3% sounds trivial because it is.
Disadvantages for easy reference: Al Gore (and the U. N. )
Special use of Antarctic ice
The core data of ancient bubbles are considered to capture the exact amount of carbon dioxide present and present.
This data set has recently been proven to be flawed by experiments that show that those ancient bubbles do not encapsulate carbon dioxide, but allow some carbon dioxide to escape, so that the data looks like a modern carbon dioxide reading is significantly higher (20 percent)
More than in the past.
Due to human activity, there was no significant increase in more reliable alternative indicators of carbon dioxide such as marine sediment.
The beginning of global cooling: As the term \"cycle\" suggests, the cycle of global warming will decline.
Most analysis shows that the peak of warming will end in five years, any left-
Environmental activists on the left will have to find a new donkey to ride into the industrial wallet.
Finally, let me say that it is not in anyone\'s best interest for Democrats to be relegated to the edge of kook.
While I am conservative in defense and economics, I tend to be socially liberal and naturally afraid of one person
The state of the party, even if I usually vote for that party (
I told my friends how I voted for Ed render in Pennsylvania, which surprised them).
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cheer for your inspiring deconstruction of the current campaign!
I am also very worried that the ticket snatching may undermine the credibility of the Democratic Party.
The bag Gore crusade, with its crazy exaggeration and hypocrisy sacred.
It does make liberals look like idiots. -
The last thing the party needs in the presidential campaign
The issue of national security will be the most important.
Environmental protectionism is critical to our future, but it cannot be built on lies.
Your words on the London Sunday Times Network surprised me and surprised me: \"The problem is not hunting, but these half
Automatic weapons. He [
Gunmen at Virginia Tech.
Without them, it is impossible to cut so many people so quickly or so cruelly.
They are of no use other than commandos, SWAT teams and paramilitary organizations. \" Dr.
The semi-automatic weapon has been in use for more than 100 years.
Defense, military and hunting weapons (
Notice of order)
In this country
I object to the fact that these weapons are legally used by legitimate citizens to the same extent as any authority.
I will not challenge you at this point.
In theory, the narcissistic, willful madman of Virginia Tech may not be very effective for singles.
Shot him in the Holocaust.
You might be right.
Any victims of concern --
Hungry fools at Virginia Tech through complete disarmament, good psychotherapy skills, single
Pistol or pony.
There are seven bullets in 45 shots and 14 in the spare magazine, but I will fight back.
When the six predators decide to make my wife, sister or daughter their prey, do you think she is more noble? shot, muzzle-
The best pistol on the 18 th-
Century technology, which defends herself, will make it normal for her to be raped and destroyed by a mentally ill person because she does not have the original courage to use 16-
She is not a commando, nor a SWAT team, nor a paramilitary team.
So her self-choice
Defense should be limited to the hip of the hand at the time --
Power Press, instant messenger and sailing boat as strict defenders of all rights listed in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, I strongly disagree with your assessment. First, a law-
Law-abiding citizens should never be forced to \"fight fairly\" with criminals \".
Those who choose to commit violence against their brothers and sisters to make money quickly or meet their initial desires should be rewarded with the country\'s \"most dangerous job.
If citizens holding Glocks, SIGS, AR15s, SPAS 12 s and HK 94 s boycott them ,[that]
It will show me a nation focused on defending life and freedom.
Second, say the effective self
In the face of freedom, the defense is the mandate of the government and it is hateful.
If commandos, special police and paramilitary groups are the only carriers of modern weapons, then smoke from the children --
Meat and CS gas from Waco hell.
This is the taste of a government that monopolizes force and believes it can exercise force as it pleases.
Virginia Tech\'s idiot is a freak.
When he committed violence, 60 million to 0. 12 billion (
See whose promotion you bought)
The gun owners did not do any criminal acts that day and I assure you that the guns they collected will make you blush.
They never do anything criminal.
In fact, they already know to use their weapons, semi-automated and all of them, to protect themselves and others from PREDATORS 2 million times a year. Dr.
Pagalia, first of all, I am a citizen of this country.
I will always see that it is my responsibility to provide protection for my family and myself, and the work of the government is to provide collective security.
I will defend my life and my freedom as much as I can. Be that a snub-nose . 357, a two-by-
Four, tire iron or crew. served 7.
62x51mm machine gun--
This is my choice.
If you think that citizens with modern weapons are out of place, look at the life schedule of Reinhard hedridge.
You tell me whether the commandos, SWAT and paramilitary forces of that day should monopolize the effective force of the Czech Republic.
What happened at Virginia Tech was mean and outrageous.
Thinking that in order to prevent this situation, or something like that, it means that women and men of morality should give up their ability to resist these terrible acts, in some false hopes, the lack of supplies will change some evil in the hearts of the people, which is also despicable and outrageous. P. S. Re-
Read 46 federal party members
James Madison-
If there was a lover of a big government ---
Put it all out.
Scott Parker weshawC.
What an extraordinary declaration!
As I have often happened over the years at the salon, I am once again impressed by the spiritual energy and demonstrated ability that guns possess --
Defenders of the Second Amendment.
I would like to thank you very much for your input on this issue.
Of course I know a long history of automatic weapons, but this is my understanding (
Correct me if I am wrong)that pre-
The modern version of the cannon or rifle is relatively clumsy in size.
It\'s a semi-automatic weapon of the hand-
With a pistol that bothers us with drugs.
All over the city center, eventually caught by a madman like a Virginia Tech shooter.
Of course, in reviewing the choice of Virginia victims, you do not recommend that all college students should be armed for every rare situation in which assassins are defeated, with thousands of accidents or stupid duels, line up from the crowded cafeteria to the bickering bucket party.
Ideally, the university campus should be a gun.
Free Zone but as a nongun-
As a supporter of the Second Amendment, I also believe that it is unjust to deprive students of their basic rights as citizens.
I\'m a little upset about you assuming your wife, sister or daughter is threatened by six mentally abnormal predators, but none of them are high
Automatic weapon technology
Is this a possible scenario in contemporary America? A trained or untrained person, in fact, I can stop six determined attackers. I sincerely agree that Americans have the constitutional right to carry weapons.
I agree, forever.
The arbitrary intrusion of Waco government power shows the current potential of tyranny.
But do we really want a country that is obsessed with suspicion and paranoia and is heavily armed? In the war with citizens, America\'s obsession with guns has long been an ancient relic.
Disappear in the wild west
Of course, it is time for our patriotic symbolism to develop.
You said: \"The most recent caller of the Sean hanniti radio show hosted by Mark Simon, who is always lively, is shocked to deny that Mormons are Christians.
Evangelical Christianity is the absolute truth. -
This will also make the Roman Catholic beyond pale.
\"I don\'t know what the caller said, but the claim to exclude Mormons from Christianity would benefit evangelical Christianity and would also exclude Roman Catholics from Christianity, which would
You see, the fact that the Vatican is telling other Christian Mormons that they are not Christians has drawn their attention and all Protestant denominations who have considered this issue have agreed.
When the Vatican was asked if the Mormon christening ceremony was valid, it began.
If you were a Protestant and converted to Catholic, you wouldn\'tbaptized;
Your baptism is considered effective and you are considered Christian.
Just you are (
According to them)
Misleading some correct Christian teachings and the nature and level of power granted to the Roman Catholic Church.
But the baptism of Mormon is considered invalid, and its believers are not considered Christians. The actual (Very short)
The decision of Pope John Paul II on August 2001 was here, with a lengthy explanation. The LDS [
The Church of Jesus Christ of the latterDay Saints]
Officially considered a non-
The Christian \"cult\" of the Roman Catholic Church \".
Since then, several other denominations have begun to discuss the issue and have agreed with the RCC.
In fact, I have not found any denomination that considers Mormons to be Christians.
You need to do your homework here.
Ronald Fox willos Prince is ill.
Thank you so much and other salon readers who sent detailed, angry letters about Mormon.
Indeed, I may be too sensitive (
Because I\'m a self-proclaimed atheist)
The gospel sends New Christians to abolish the word \"Christianity.
\"However, whatever the official ruling of the Vatican, I think it is absurd to deny that Mormon is a branch of the history of Christianity, even though its founder claims that Mormon is a myth.
Claiming to believe that the divinity of Christ is a priori definition of Christianity, it is only a replay of the medieval theological arguments, when the losers in the heretical war were poured on the fire.
In the world religious map, Mormon is undoubtedly a part of Christianity.
It may be futile to appeal to believers to ignore the differences in doctrine, so I am hardly optimistic about convincing anyone.
But my passion and commitment to religious research (
I always think it should be included in primary and secondary education)
For the record.
My article \"Religion and Art in America\" is an example.
My lecture at the University of Colorado in February
The site has just been released by Arion and should be posted on its site by next week.
I feel it is necessary to write in response to the salon reader who, in your April 10 column, devalued the Metropolitan Museum of Art and questioned whether the museum was disinfected for lack of visible Viagra
Like galleries in Greece and Rome.
Your readers and anyone visiting New York can visit the recently reopened Greek and Roman galleries.
Lots of cigarette butts, penis and chest are on display, and yes, there are some erection even on the Greek vase in the gallery upstairs.
The renovation of the gallery was an ongoing business that began in 1990 and the result was well worth waiting.
This space is indeed a great addition to the museum and the art and culture of New York City.
It is more reinstalled than refurbished. Since the gallery was originally located in the space, it was broken and moved to the museum\'s restaurant and some offices in the 1950 s.
Many of the works on display have been stored in warehouses since the 1950 s, when classical art was not popular and was not considered a priority.
Also, there was some sort of backlash against promoting the art of the Roman Empire, as it reflected too closely the recent wartime events.
Art and Politics-
But classicism always comes back.
I often attend parties as a native New Yorker and it is recommended to charge an entrance fee-
That means you can pay what you want.
This is unique in New York\'s institutions because it allows anyone to visit the museum, regardless of their income.
Don\'t feel bullied by paying the full amount of advice--
The British Meteorological Bureau is a very wealthy organization.
Let the tourists be deceived.
So I\'m happy to report that the Metropolitan Museum is alive and good, not reviewing itself for visitors in Central America.
As a cultural vulture, on the same day I visited the metropolis, I also visited some of Chelsea\'s contemporary art galleries.
While there must be contemporary artists creating engaging and interesting works, most of the works on the live display at Chelsea seem to be very large and immature.
I just have a feeling that what is produced today, or what is promoted by the gallery in the expanding art market, is not much staying power, in stark contrast to the classical art of the Metropolitan Museum.
But then, Warhol. -
One of my heroes--
When he first appeared on the scene, he did not embrace with open arms and is now considered one of the greatest American artists.
I think time will tell us about today\'s contemporary art.
One thing I can say, however, is that it seems that the biggest problem in contemporary art is that a lot of works are too knowledgeable.
Too elite.
Anyone can walk through those classical galleries and be moved by the sculptures in front of them ---
Not only do they talk about beauty, but they also talk about the human condition, which has not changed much since the Greek and Roman times.
The same is true of Warhol. -
Even if you don\'t consider his work intellectually, it still grabs you with fancy colors or mediocre pop images.
I think there are too many artists today who spend too much time thinking and not enough time for the work to speak for themselves on some level of instinct.
I\'m curious what you think about this issue. Thomas P.
Fernez New York thank you for this most reassuring report about the sexual candor of Met\'s new GrecoGallery of Rome
I didn\'t get to see them in New York but hope to see them soon.
I sympathize with your frustrated reaction to so many tired gestures of contemporary art, which was produced by itselfconsciousness.
The world of fashion Manhattan art, which is full of status anxiety, is of course cut off from the general human experience.
Andy Warhol never lost his job in Pittsburgh. class roots.
So the incandescent icon of his movie star injects a sense of curiosity and joy.
In order to revive contemporary art, we must get rid of its residual, superficial post-modern irony,
Embrace emotion and spirituality.
I suggest aspiring artists to think about nature, learn religious art, read poetry, listen to big opera, listen to folk music, listen to classical rhythm and blues.
Kick the jam out now!
Thank you for helping me get my head back.
I just read your response to Baudrillard\'s death and I feel a little liberated.
I used to be a student.
Undergraduate and graduate students)
Southern California film academy focusing on media theory and criticism.
I am expected to get a PhD. D.
A profession of professor.
The problem is theory, which is the product of post-capitalism.
I feel like I\'m eating a huge marshmallow that never gets smaller.
But the most frustrating thing is the reverence for marshmallow.
Don\'t question marshmallow--
Revel in its abundance of love and grace.
There is only one kind of marshmallow, and its Prophet is a French thinker.
Love. . .
I took a master\'s degree and left academia.
I pursue writing and photography and finally start making greeting cards.
Now, the whole greeting card industry needs a lot of ribbing, most of which deserve it.
But whenever I start to denigrate my place in culture, I comfort myself: \"At least I\'m not preaching this nonsense.
\"I refuse marshmallow and everything that comes with it.
Michael Calder Nuku-
Lur greeting card I can\'t tell you how many letters of repentance I have received like you since I arrived on site with my first book on 1990.
The teaching profession of the Humanities has lost a whole generation of intelligent and imaginative young people who have been driven out of the graduate school because of the influence of meaningless, pretentious, Continental \"theory.
\"It\'s really a disaster for American intellectuals!
Until the oppressed (
My baby boomerschasing p. c. faculty)
Retire within the next 10 to 15 years.
Then maybe young people can start to breathe freely and get their ideas back.
Meanwhile, congratulate you on finding your place.
As a senior buyer of greeting cards, I\'m glad you were there!
Interested in seeing Bach\'s references in your final Salon column.
Those outdated (
Very not fashionable now)
As a teenager, the recording also had a great impact on me.
As a fan of John Sebastian Bach, the best part is that it seems possible to stumble upon new masterpieces at any time, anywhere.
Last year was BWV 50 & BWV 664 for me.
The first one is St.
The text of Michael\'s day in the Book of Revelation is suitable to catch the music of bin Laden or Dragonslaying.
The second, from about 1716, has a mysterious modernist feeling about it, and there is an ending between the two --Some inventions.
This kind of writing is completely different from his contemporaries, showing Bach in a completely gifted way.
2007 is a flag year.
This is the first time I really went deep into Tata music.
In this selection, the real gem is the opening chorus of the BWV 34 and the bv w 110.
You will never find these works in the \"greatest hits\" Bach compilation, but they are as good as any other work in his tracks.
I have enjoyed it for the first time in the past few weeks (
Ah, the joy of discovery! )
The opening chorus of BWV 79 and BWV 127.
The first to raise the idea of \"Christian soldiers\" to the highest possible level.
It started with a few Mozart decorations, three
The Fugato part is purely opera-like hustle and bustle, with an astonishing similarity to Mozart\'s \"Magic Flute\" Overture, \"last Saturday night, I noticed this fact when I was watching Inspector Morse.
Well, let you go.
\"The opening of BWV 127 comes from a completely different world.
CPE Bach says his father has a strong preference for \"serious, refined and profound.
\"We have spades here.
Beethoven never heard the song, but I\'m sure he will like it.
In fact, the first musical instrument part after the start of the chorus sounds exactly like part of the Beethoven Symphony \"development part\", especially in this ancient
Carl Richter\'s old-fashioned recording
One of Beethoven\'s struggles was to succeed in trying to \"get serious\" after the classical times were sometimes too frivolous \".
Bach has never been serious.
The opening of BWV 127 is also important for other reasons.
It\'s a chorus of Fantasia, where the choir\'s eggs come in front of the chicken, with the ones from the Holy.
Matthew passion and a dozen other masterpieces of this type of Bach.
These show Bach as Houdini, overwhelmed by the chain of a wellknown --
To the point of boredom-centuries-old melody.
Around these melodies, Bach builds the most complex and profound structure possible, and he cannot change these melodies just for convenience.
Although he is a believer, innovation is a compelling artistic need.
What will I find next, Eric fern, and I\'m glad to be able to share your Bach discovery with salon readers through the magic of the web.
What a brilliant river of sound!
The constant message I give everyone is: don\'t passively wait for guidance from our flawed education system.
Responsible for self-cultivation and enlightenment.
The Great World of Art awaits your exploration.
Unfortunately, even my use of the word \"great\" is currently controversial.
When identity politics and post-structurally invaded the university, greatness was thrown out of the window.
Bach is one of the white European men demoted by School theorists, whose attitude towards art is nothing more than ridicule vandalism.
Like you, I firmly believe in \"Genius \"(
Another abandoned term).
Sure, I\'m Italian. we ate a lot!
Speak out to David Bowie and inspire what you call Madonna\'s \"brilliant facility to change style and personality\" [How about]Video link. ][
From this article:]
David bowie and Brian Ino (1995)
Dominic Wells David Bowie: May I ask you first, would you mind if we also record this for our own use?
Dominic Wells: So you can taste me and post me on your next album DB: Actually, it\'s possible.
I almost tasted Camille Paglia on this album, but she never replied to my call!
She kept sending messages through her assistant saying, \'Is this really David Bowie? laughs)
I gave it up.
So I changed her lines to me.
Brian Enoch: It sounds a lot like her.
Great review video of Michael Elinger David Bowie\'s peak period!
My hair is actually over when I look at my hair, so I still find the double sex drama of Bowie.
Bowie had an immeasurable impact on me in the 1970 s, when I was writing \"sex characters\", which started with my PhD thesis at Yale.
His \"Aladdin\'s mind\" album (1973)
Is the key theme of my crazy busy years, as an irritating prank, loud-
My first teaching job was to make an Amazon feminist speech at Bennington College.
\"Lady of the soul laughing\" is a weird song on the album and is a romantic masterpiece in Samuel Taylor Coleridge\'s dark art line.
However, I am skeptical about any impact Bowie has on Madonna.
As a native of the Detroit metropolitan area, she is a product of the disco era.
Dance music.
Her performance combines Martha Graham\'s modern music with the dance of Sir Bob forth.
She will definitely use some Bowie avant-garde.
Avant-garde and futuristic style.
In addition, Bowie is an international connoisseur, and Madonna\'s research on art has been unstable with the encouragement of her brother Christopher.
She was too excited and impatient to focus on anything other than extreme yoga.
I appreciate your retreat.
Excerpt from 1995 conversations between Bao Yi and Brian Ino.
It implies a larger screw.
My career as a public figure.
This is the case.
One day, in Philadelphia, my New York publisher contacted me: got a call claiming that David Bowie wanted my phone number.
I laughed.
\"Oh, of course, David Bowie wants my phone number ---
Take the cake!
The idea seems completely absurd.
During that time, when I was on TV a lot (
There are more substantive performances than now. -
\"Exchange of fire\", \"CNN and the company\" and so on. )
I am often surrounded by strange fan letters and phone calls and unwanted gifts. (I hate gifts! )
We tried to authenticate the phone, but the response seemed strangely ambiguous.
The anomaly is vigilance-
Request my phone number
There is no doubt that it would be more convincing and professional for Bowie\'s people to leave me his number.
So nothing happened.
It took a long time before I knew that Bowie wanted to use an excerpt from \"sex characters\" in his new album.
Of course, I will throw myself on the floor and salute him.
If he is attracted to \"sex characters\", it is because he has correctly discovered his great influence on my thinking.
Bowie is a genius in modern art. ------------
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