I heard that the packaging bag 10 big use?

by:Yucai     2019-12-05

Let me talk about some uses of the bag:

1. In the summer, the white vest is not cleaned for a long time. The white vest to be washed can be washed with water first, then gently rubbed with soap or washing powder. After washing, put on soap or washing powder and gently rub it, no longer rinse, put it in a bag, and tie it in the sun for 1 hour. Then take it out and wash it to make it white as usual.

2. Use plastic bags to ripen raw bananas. You can put about 5 kilograms of bananas in a plastic bag, then put in a bowl or teacup, put dry sand or ash inside, use 10 fine incense sticks, split in half, insert into the container of Shengsha, ignite and tie Just close the pocket.

3, before and after the winter solstice, drying the radish, the radish until the epidermis dried, put into a plastic bag, tie the bag with a rope, so that storage for two months, the radish does not change quality, not worry.

4, when risotto, add 20 grams of vinegar in 500 grams of rice, the rice is not sour, but easier to preserve. When cooking rice, add 0.5% acetic acid solution according to the above dosage, then put the pressed rice briquettes into a plastic bag and store them in a dark environment at 30 ° C for 15 days, the color, fragrance, taste and appearance, and There is no difference in fresh rice.

5, the dry bread is wrapped with the original packaging wax paper, wrapped in paper soaked with water, then placed in a plastic bag with water, tied to the mouth, placed for 1 night, the bread can be soft.

6. In the winter, the households who use the stove to warm up often use the water vapor to form ice on the window glass in the morning. After the ice is melted, the water on the window sill is not stopped. If there is a screen window outside the window, the white plastic film can be nailed to the wooden frame of the screen window, which can prevent the window glass from freezing and can also prevent cold.

7. The drain pipe of the washing machine often leaks due to bending and aging. One plastic bag with a width of 10 cm can be used to wrap several layers at the crack of the drain pipe, and then a longer plastic rope is used to fasten the end of the plastic wrap from the spiral groove to the other end. Block the crack in the water pipe and not leak it.

8. To immediately iron the clothes, spray them with water, then put them in a large plastic bag, seal the mouth of the bag, and then take it out when the iron is hot. At this time, take it out of the bag. All clothes have a hot air, which makes the clothes more flat and beautiful.

9, plastic bags to prevent heel splitting. Wash your feet with warm water, wrap it on the heel with a clean, transparent, soft plastic food bag, and then put on the socks. It usually cures after 1 to 3 days of mild cleft palate. .

10. When collecting cotton fur shoes, first wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, dry them, put on the shoe polish, wait a while, brush with the shoes, put them into the airtight plastic bag, discharge the gas inside the bag, and use the rope to The mouth of the bag is tight. This collection of leather shoes can prevent dry deformation and mildew and deterioration of leather shoes.

Do you understand the top ten uses of the bag?

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