how to travel on an airplane with a camera: packing it right, x-ray machines, and magnetic scanners

by:Yucai     2019-12-12
The first step in properly packing the plane travel to ensure the safety of the camera is to pack correctly.
You should carry your camera and any delicate equipment with you.
Because, no matter how careful the airport personnel are, your check-
Things in the luggage will be pushed away and may cause electric shock damage to the camera.
Also, luggage storage can be affected by extreme temperatures, which can damage your camera, whether it\'s condensation or a frying circuit.
On the other hand, if there is a reasonable amount of padding, most camera equipment can be used as checked baggage.
Most aircraft have a policy of allowing one personal item and one piece of luggage to be carriedon.
It\'s a good idea to have your camera case as a personal item.
This will ensure that it is always with you so that you can make sure that it will not be hurt. A well-
Camera housing with padding is not only a good idea for plane travel, but also a good idea for general travel.
Put it on top-
The head compartment may result in some unwanted collisions, although placing it under the chair in front of you may result in a gentle push of the foot.
Use your best judgment.
Some expressed concern that the acceleration experienced during takeoff would hurt the camera. Don’t.
Even the worst camera can withstand this power, as long as it doesn\'t exacerbate what\'s already broken.
So, peace zone your camera. Will X-
Will the light damage my camera or memory?
Contrary to the fear of many photographers, the standard x-
The risk of damage to digital cameras by Ray devices is very low.
In fact, no digital media will be subject to x-
Rays, so don\'t worry about your laptop either.
On the other hand, undeveloped film may be wiped by the process, so if you have any undeveloped film, please check x-separately-
Ray and magnetic equipment.
This is guaranteed by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, and there are similar laws in other countries.
However, if the bag holding the digital camera for whatever reason does not pass through x-
X-ray machine. you might be in trouble. maybe.
The next step in the security of dangerous airports for magnetic scanning equipment is the use of magnetic equipment, especially metal detection wand.
While these may not necessarily damage your digital device, the risk is there.
If a separate check is involved, then please request to remove the camera and do the check without using the metal detection device.
So, it might be a good idea to take out the camera before it goes through x-
The machine so that it doesn\'t get confused with anything that could cause the entire bag to be scanned by magnetic.
Customs doesn\'t usually bother with having photographic equipment, and if you\'re traveling in some less regulated places in the world, consider carrying some kind of proof of purchase with you, to prove that you did purchase your equipment abroad, such as a copy of the receipt.
According to domestic news and censorship laws, some countries may require you to declare photographic equipment and even search for documents and movies.
Check out the laws of this country before you go so you don\'t have any potential trouble.
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