how to make custom stickers with microsoft word

by:Yucai     2020-05-12
In this structure, I will show you how to make custom stickers using Microsoft Word.
Many people think that making stickers is a time-consuming, hard-working and expensive process.
In fact, the process is simple and can be done by almost anyone.
You can even start your own small sticker making business by using this process.
So, that\'s enough. let\'s get started! !
The first thing we need to do is collect all our materials.
Item 1: computer with Microsoft word or equivalent software installed for designing sticker Item 2: inkjet printer for printing design to sticker paper (
In this note I am using inkjet photo stickers for Ld Products that can be bought on their website)
Item 3: sticker paper, basic item 4 for the whole project: paper cutter for cutting finished stickers the first thing we need to do is design our stickers.
You can use any image you want, but for this structure, we will only use the Star Wars logo and some text I created.
OK, the first thing you do is run Microsoft Word and open a new document.
Next, insert a text box and place it on the page where you want to print the sticker.
Now right-click the box and add the text to the box.
Now, if you only want the background of the sticker and the text, you can insert it now.
If you want to print the image, you have to click on your text box and then go from clipart or file (
FILE In this case).
Then select your picture and insert it into the text bow.
Now you can move the image and edit its size more easily.
Now you can get the image to the size you want. Great!
You have designed the sticker. Let\'s move on!
Now you have to print your sticker.
This will be the easiest part of the proper operation.
* The first thing you need to know is that the sticker needs to be under my printer to print on the right side.
This may not be the case for your printer, though, so make sure the design prints on the right side of the ticket paper.
* The second thing you need to know is that when the sticker is placed on other stickers, the sticker works best through the printer because when the sticker is placed on it, there will be more friction on the paper for ordinary printing paper.
* The last thing you need to know before printing is not to leave your sticker in the printer for too long because the paper will eventually turn yellow on the side.
Now that you know this, it\'s time to print!
First, insert the sticker into the tray of the printer.
Next, go to the file and print it on Microsoft Word design.
Then, go to the printer properties of the printer and select \"other photo paper\" because sticker paper is a type of photo paper.
Now, choose the quality you want your sticker to print.
Finally, press OK on the printer properties menu and press print \".
Now, your label is in print! !
Now that your sticker has been printed, it\'s time to cut it off.
This is actually the most difficult part of the sticker making process because you have to align the cut precisely.
That\'s why I\'m winning the Epilog Laser cutter.
This will improve the cutting of stickers I made for my small business using this process, and I started printing custom stickers.
I can also extend my business to a whole new market.
This will help me to be able to build more and it will help me to become a mechanical and aerospace engineer and thus become more experienced in the engineering field.
But for now, I use this method to cut my sticker: * it is better to use a paper cutter in the process, but you can use scissors.
First of all, cutting is close to the edge of the sticker, but not the actual edge of the sticker.
Now cut off the small parts around the stickers you didn\'t get before to make sure the stickers are cut evenly. Awesome! !
Now you can print the first custom sticker yourself! !
* This method is best used in squares and rectangles because they are simpler shapes and do not require computer guided cutting machines like Epilog Laser cutting machines or circuit cutting machines.
Well, it\'s fun to print your custom stickers and don\'t forget to comment on your story if you do! !
Also, help me spread the word so I can win uber cool Epilog Cutter. HAPPY PRINTING! !
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