How much do you know about the production of cooking bags?

by:Yucai     2019-12-10

The production of cooking bags is very important, because the quality of this material will determine whether the food will be affected during the heating process, we will not have toxic substances when eating.

Larger retort pouches should have fewer print patterns as much as possible, and it is best to leave a blank edge around the heat seal. Understand the production conditions of retort pouch food companies, and inform them that the temperature should be strictly controlled within the range guaranteed by the retort pouch manufacturer, because even if it exceeds a few degrees, because various materials often reach the limit they can withstand, It is critical to ensure the performance of the retort pouch.

Food companies should confirm the performance of the retort pouch before using the retort pouch in batches. This confirmation is also the process condition verification of whether the retort pouch can be used under specific process conditions. Because of the physical and chemical properties of the inner package, as well as new substances generated at high temperatures due to possible physical and chemical changes, it is possible to permeate in the retort pouch layer, causing a decline in the retort pouch packaging performance, such as delamination. Even the degree of vacuum in the retort pouch may cause a difference in stress between the layers of the retort pouch, resulting in delamination between the layers of the film having poor fastness.

The retort pouch production enterprise should strengthen the management work, do a good job in the detection and control of the process indicators of each process, especially the last level of the cooking test before the retort pouch.

Before the feeding, it is necessary to check whether the corona treatment degree of the film meets the requirements, which is crucial for the printing fastness and the composite fastness.

Ensure the curing time, let the two-component ink or glue fully cross-link curing reaction.

Pay attention to the state of the two-component ink or glue in use, the amount of used ink or used glue must be controlled within a certain range, as much as possible, the same batch of raw and auxiliary materials are used for one order, which is convenient for inspection and tracking.

Strictly in accordance with the product specifications provided by the material manufacturer, especially the curing dose of ink and glue must be used as required, and the amount of glue should be uniform.

It is necessary to simulate the process conditions used by food companies to test the performance of finished bags, and to urge food companies to confirm the performance of retort bags to prevent further losses.

The retort pouch production enterprise should do a good job in the compatibility test of various packaging and printing materials.

Because the scope of use of various products has certain limitations and specialities, it is impossible to control or take care of all aspects of post-processing processing and further deep processing and use of various users, and the processing requirements for downstream products and the use of subsequent products are not required. Must understand very comprehensive.

The test should be carried out throughout the production process and should not be left in the printing phase.

Pay attention to the high temperature resistance, paying special attention to the problem that the various additives in the film ooze out at high temperatures, causing the adhesion to drop or delamination.

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