government considers tax on plastic bags

by:Yucai     2020-01-08
A government-commissioned consultant report suggested a new tax on plastic bags.
The government is considering the report, which recommends a tax of three to ten pence for each bag.
Any growth is expected to be passed on to consumers.
Last night, Environment Minister Noel Dempsey warned that he was committed to collecting taxes on free plastic bags issued by shops and supermarkets to raise millions of dollars to solve the problem of garbage.
\"Plastic bag consultation research\" released by his department said the days of plastic bags are coming to an end.
The Irish plastic industry, which produces 21% plastic bags used here, said that under the EU\'s packaging waste directive, whether the initiative is legal, it is taking legal advice.
In Denmark, for example, the government\'s attempt to ban aluminum cans has been thwarted.
This tax will be levied on suppliers and is expected to be passed on to customers.
The report also said that better garbage control measures by local authorities could be more effective as taxes would only reduce the consumption of bags.
The plastic bag industry in Ireland employs 177 people.
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