Giant Cordless Power Drill - Prop

by:Yucai     2020-05-13
Size is important when you have tools.
Here\'s how to make a huge cordless drill.
This will be used as a prop for this year\'s Kaitlyn contractor/builder Halloween costume (easy-
Hard hat/Google, tool belt and regular school uniform).
Yes, she knows how to handle power tools safely.
There are also photos of her wearing clothes during the school parade.
This Instructure shows you almost anything you can imagine and build it as huge-Size of the child.
In addition to making outstanding props for your Halloween costumes, these props are potentially useful for children in the classroom or in the classroom game.
So we have a list of huge cakes, huge magnets and huge toothbrushes, and here\'s our giant cordless drill instruction manual.
This prop is made with things around the house.
As usual, go to the Recycle Bin and find some materials to reuse.
You will need:-some cardboard-
Some plastic bottles of different shapes
A piece of wood used as a handle 1 \"x 3\" loose-
Stakes 3/8 in diameter-handheld fan-
Instant push switch and wire for refitting handheld fan-
For decoration, tape of various colors, electrical tape, transparent packaging tape-
Aluminum tape, this material is perfect for adding the appearance of the metal to any object. -
Some screws for connecting parts-
Print images of some logos or warning labels to add realism to the project. -
Basic tools for cutting wood, cardboard and plastic note: scissors and tool knives are sharp.
Know how to handle and use them properly safely.
The cut plastic leaves a sharp edge.
For safety, tape the cutting edge.
Collect parts similar to the cordless electric drill we are going to make.
It is helpful to have a real cordless drill or a picture used as a project model.
I have a nice large juice container that is perfect for the body of the drill bit.
As a keyless chuck, the vitamin bottle is perfect to add on the front.
I had to make a handle with a piece of waste wood.
I had to make the \"battery pack\" from scratch \".
The vitamin bottle will do well as a Chuck for cordless electric drills.
Cut the bottom of the vitamin bottle to fit the lid of the larger juice bottle.
The size of this hole also allows me to push the vitamin bottle further on the lips of the juice bottle.
The lips lock the vitamin bottle in place and allow it to rotate freely.
I want to use this design function to realize the mechanization of the free rotation of the drill bit through something in the main body.
Drill through the lid of the vitamin bottle and the large juice bottle to fit the diameter or pin.
Glue the juice cap with polyurethane glue into the hole at the bottom of the vitamin bottle.
You will be used as glue for pin length of \"drill bit.
The length of the eye drill bit, so it is proportional to your drill bit.
At the end of the pin.
Wrap with narrow strips of cardboard and stick to the pin to simulate the twist of the drill bit.
Bend the cardboard and shape your spiral so it\'s easier to glue.
Cover all exposed metal with aluminum tape
Look for parts and use black tape as a rubber handle.
When I found that the fan motor was not powered enough to rotate the bit assembly, I stuck the Chuck permanently to the body.
Build the battery pack.
I took a large piece of foam from the package and the plastic was in good shape.
Don\'t worry about gaps or strange shapes.
It is easy to form with a knife, rasp, file or sandpaper.
Cut out a slot to fit the bottom of the handle.
Adjust the length of the handle and draw the handle curve in the wood for later cutting and styling.
The battery pack will be covered with cardboard to obtain the final shape.
Just cut the cardboard into shape.
You can cover each surface with a lot of smaller cardboard.
Laminate about three layers of cardboard with a texture in alternating directions to enhance its strength.
Glue onto the platform at the bottom of the handle.
It will also be screwed in by then.
If you have anything on the foam, create a box shape around the gap.
I also covered the original edges with a layer of cardboard that was stripped off the pieces.
When you cover everything with tape, it helps to get a smooth edge. Cut an H-shaped or I-
A slit formed in a juice bottle used as a cordless electric drill body.
Slide onto the handle and see how it fits together.
Draw a line indicating the horizontal axis of the drill bit when the wooden handle is centered and pushed to the top of the bottle.
I have a dollar-
Store summer breeze hand-held fan laid around the house and I decided to use it to rotate the drill bit to animate the drill bit.
This is a complete self.
The motor is included in the installation, battery box and switch.
I first separated the battery box from the fan holder.
A quick slice with a hacksaw cuts the rotating bolts on the plastic mounting arm so that it can slide over 1 \"x3 \".
I cut a notch on the wood to fit the fan head completely.
Screw in the bottom of the base with a little polyurethane glue.
It will inflate a bit to fill in the gaps and fix the motor head in place.
I then tighten the battery box and glue it in place.
Note: Polyurethane glue sticks to everything and is hard to remove.
You can wear gloves when using gloves.
Always work on newspapers or disposable things to catch water drops.
Needless to say, when I found out that these fans were just cheap toys, there was not enough power to move the stakes.
I should have removed the power system for a cheap R/C car for this.
So plan B is to leave the mechanical internal organs inside, and when you press the switch, the fan will make a cool noise from the drill bit.
The last photo shows a reinforcement screw in the fan propeller, and I\'m going to stick it to the end of the pin with glue, but it\'s out of date.
I drilled a hole in the handle to rub the bucket that installed the instantaneous switch I was going to add.
Weld the extension cord to the instant switch.
Weld to the circuit where the fan is installed.
I cut off a lead to the battery terminal and patched my switch with another lead of the motor.
Test if everything is OK.
Wrap the handle with tape.
Assemble everything.
Insert the fan/switch handle assembly into the slot of the large juice bottle.
Center it and attach it to the wooden handle with two screws with washers.
Cover any exposed plastic and joints with tape.
The tape and aluminum tape can be stretched a little to fit in a strange shape.
If you need to prevent bunches in the corners, you can cut the cracks by simply covering yourself with tape.
When you choose the color of the tape, choose the color of your favorite tool manufacturer.
You can completely copy the color scheme and match the parts with the same color as the true cordless drill.
The whole bit is covered with a variety of tape instead of using any paint for this item.
No need to wait for the paint to dry, just cover it with more tape if you miss a place.
Print out the logo to be used to add realism to the product.
Print battery voltage and warning labels.
Cover with transparent packaging tape and apply the print to the cordless electric drill.
So do something big.
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