from plastic to eco-friendly bags, a distant reality?

by:Yucai     2020-05-16
As suggested by PMC, the owner must charge an additional Rs5 to provide an 8x12 inch plastic bag with a thickness of 50 microns or more.
Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)
I made a suggestion that, depending on the size and thickness, additional charges should be imposed on plastic handbags for Rs5, 10 and 15, which should exceed 50 microns or more.
However, we suggest that an easier way is to ban the use of handbags in cities in an all-round way.
The commissioner considered our proposal.
As for how to keep the label for those who default, PMC has a mechanism to deal with these people.
In addition, PMC workers in various wards of the city can help alert people who violate the rules.
Instead of arguing or doubting how the ban will operate, we must first enforce it.
The decision to ban various plastic handbags has been adopted at the conference.
PMC will hold an exhibition at the same time, most likely before 1st next month, the ban will be implemented in the city.
It is important to encourage people to use the environment.
It\'s not a plastic bag but a friendly paper bag or bag.
PMC should continue to enforce the ban because it will help protect the environment in the long run. —
Aba Bagul, PMC Congress senior company, we need to see if the city can implement a full ban on plastic handbags.
In eco-sensitive areas like Mount Mahabaleswar station, plastic bags are completely banned.
The proposal to ban plastic bags was discussed at the recent General Assembly meeting.
If we can completely ban the use of plastic bags, the manufacture and distribution of plastic bags, then Pune may be the first city in India to do so.
Our main goal is to prevent people from using plastic bags because they have become a major environmental hazard in cities and their biodiversity.
For the purpose of packaging, pay special attention to ensuring the use of the best food grade plastic.
As for the current ban on the use of bags under 50 microns in the city, we have issued more than 4,500 notices to various shopkeepers.
There is no manufacturer of plastic bags in Pune;
Everything is supplied from outside the city.
Therefore, we also instructed ocroi nakas to prevent plastic bags less than 50 microns from entering Pune. —
In my opinion, the additional municipal commissioner for PMC, Naresh Zurmure, did not ban plastic bags in full, but targeted citizens by fined Rs50
100, why not focus on banning the manufacturing and distribution channels of plastic bags with the goal of root cause, why end users, in addition to this, PMC will never have a sound mechanism to perform on liquidated damages
In addition, it is not clear whether plastic handbags are completely prohibited or even plastic used to pack a variety of foods.
It is also important to make people realize that the use of plastic bags actually destroys the environment.
I don\'t think the full ban will work.
Plastic bags are still used because they are easy to reach.
Therefore, the manufacture and distribution of plastic bags are prohibited. —
Vinod Jain, an environmental activity company, believes that a new proposal to completely ban plastic bags will not work.
I understand that PMC is proposing to separate funds over Rs 2, particularly for public awareness and outreach programmes.
Citizen officials should then invest money to educate people about the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment.
I have never seen any billboards in this city that say using plastic bags is harmful.
PMC should be spending anti-spreading
Plastic information through various media.
A similar ban was imposed in Delhi, but was later lifted.
The use of plastic handbags is only 10% of the plastic material, which will eventually pollute the environment and other sources will also pollute the environment.
In my opinion, the plastic manufacturing association must take responsibility for the proper recycling of plastic bags and other products.
Manufacturers must also take extra care when dealing with other plastic materials they produce. —
Marati gagger, CEO of PMCI SWaCH, agrees that banning plastic bags is a noble cause, but PMC should explain to citizens that this will help protect the environment.
I think it is necessary to emphasize the reasons for the ban.
Plastic has become an integral part of people\'s lives, and if you suddenly impose a ban, it is bound to create problems if there are not enough alternatives.
For example, I use plastic bags to separate the dry and wet garbage in my home.
So, how will I do this if plastic bags are banned. Civic groups should suggest similar alternatives.
I think PMC should do some in-depth research before implementing the ban. —
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