Food packaging technology

by:Yucai     2019-12-06

The new type provides a double-recoverable food packaging bag, which solves the need for food to be protected from light and seals. The consumer can see the quality and shape of the packaged food, and does not affect the preservation effect. Restore the problem of the original packaging. The package is characterized by a combination of two inner and outer packaging bags, and the outer packaging is a sub-mother aluminum-plastic composite bag which is formed by heat sealing a plastic mother mouth on the inner surface of the opening of the aluminum-plastic composite bag. The plastic concave edge is composed of a plastic concave edge, and the aluminum-plastic composite bag is a three-side sealing bag which is composed of a material in which the inner and outer layers are a plastic intermediate layer and an aluminum foil. The aluminum foil serves as a light-shielding function, and the mother-and-mother is repeated and cooperated. The inner package is made of transparent plastic which can be vacuum-sealed, and is sealed after being taken out by heat sealing.
The new type involves the field of packaging, especially in the field of packaging bags. A food packaging bag with a storage bag, comprising a packaging bag for accommodating food, characterized in that: the packaging bag is provided with a top open storage bag for storing garbage. The storage bag may be disposed on the outside or inside of the package. The utility model has the food packaging bag with the storage bag, which can facilitate the people to put the small garbage generated by eating the food into the portable garbage bag which is set in the food packaging bag, and is convenient to use, and is not needed for the place where the garbage is not found. Worries, bring convenience to people's lives, but also help to protect the environment and cleanliness.

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