Food packaging bag technical requirements

by:Yucai     2019-12-06

A seemingly inconspicuous food packaging bag on the market has its own special production story behind it, and the production technology of food packaging bags is one of them.

1, the packaging film should meet the national standards, can not be shoddy

Food companies must first figure out what materials are needed for their food packaging bags, and secondly, look for formal, professional packaging companies for custom processing. Due to the lack of expertise in packaging materials or simply pursuing low prices, some food companies may be fooled from time to time. Taking food composite bags as an example, many food companies are used for vacuum packaging. The materials of such food packaging bags must have at least one layer of nylon packaging, but there are some composite bags on the market to cut corners, no nylon material, but use poly Ester plastic (PET) because nylon is twice as expensive as PET. The result is that the food packaging bag is very brittle, not soft, and the puncture resistance is weak, which causes air leakage and bag breakage in the food packaging, and the economic loss and negative impact on the food enterprise are much higher than the low-cost purchase bag. the cost of.

2, food packaging bags should meet food safety and quality requirements

Food enterprises should require packaging bags manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards. For example, the production materials of composite bags should be green and environmentally friendly. Dry composite plastic bags containing harmful substances such as benzene should not be used to avoid contamination by solvent. food. The food packaging bag should be flat, free of scratches, burns, air bubbles and wrinkles, without a virtual seal. Leveling is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also about the quality of the food. If the bag is not flat, the food package used for high-temperature cooking or low-temperature freezing is prone to cracking.

Food packaging bags use green materials when printing. The QS standard requires that food packaging bags should not detect benzene solvents that are harmful to human health, but because benzene solvents are 30% lower than environmentally friendly benzene-free and ketone-free solvents, and the brightness and color fastness are good, so This type of material is also used in the printing of small bags, and the problem of contaminated food often occurs. The production environment of the packaging enterprise that produces the food bag should meet the standard to avoid contamination of the food bag during the bag making process.

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